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Is your child waking up often through out the night? Does your newborn stir, is not hungry or needing a diaper change but needs a soothing noise to relax him or her? A good night’s sleep is within your reach with Fade Away Sleep Sounds.

How did you get started? Tell us a bit about yourself and Fade Away
Sleep Sounds.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds officially started as a business in 2008, but my
first experience with White Noise was back in 2003 with my first child.
He was a fussy sleeper, and my wife and I had heard a little about the
benefits of White Noise, so we decided to try it out on a particularly
challenging evening. The sound that ended up working was running the bath
water. It was amazing how this nearly inconsolable little person quickly
relaxed and calmed when he heard that sound.
With our second child, it was very much the same, except the sound he
responded to was the hair dryer. And with him the response was almost
instant… it was almost like flipping a switch. When the hair dryer turned
on, he turned off. It was amazing. It got to the point where we just
kept the hair dryer under his crib.
A few years later we were sharing our experiences with our friends,
telling them how well White Noise worked for us. Since I worked in the
broadcast industry, I had a lot of the equipment needed to professionally
record and produce video and audio, so I decided to record a sound for
them and put it on a CD. They loved it and soon after Fade Away Sleep
Sounds was born!

What age range benefits best from Fade Away Sleep Sounds?


We have a lot of different sounds and are adding more all the time. There
are sounds that are geared more towards babies, and sounds that are more
pleasant to the adult listener.
As far as for babies… based on my personal experiences and the feedback
from customers, the baby sounds seem to be best for infants 0-6 months.
The womb is a very loud place, and for some babies, making that transition
to sleeping in the quiet environment outside of the womb can be a
challenging one. That’s why white noise has been so successful with these
little ones.

The sounds we provide that we’ve put under the heading of “Baby Sleep
Sounds” are sounds that tend to replicate actual White Noise in the
respect that they are at a constant pitch, tone and level. They both
re-create that womb-like sound and they also act as a masking sound,
blocking out other unwanted sounds. Also, most of our Baby Sleep Sounds
were developed to take the place of items parents were already using to
help get their children to sleep. So, rather than a parent taking the
baby into the bathroom to run the water like my wife and I did, they could
just play that sound in the nursery without worrying about disrupting the
baby’s sleep while getting them back from the bathroom into the crib. So
a lot of our sounds weren’t necessarily made to introduce to the baby, but
to supplement the sounds that parents have already discovered work for
their kids. I also like to stress to parents not to play the sounds too

It is recommended that sound for babies should not be any louder
than 50 db. And the source of the sound should not be too close to the
baby either. I suggest picking a sound level that is a close level to the
actual sound… so if someone is use to sleeping with a fan in their room,
set the volume level to one that matches the actual fan.

Like I said earlier, we do have sounds that are more geared to the adult
too. While I think it’s great that the sound of a vacuum works well for a
lot of babies, that’s the last thing I want to hear when I’m sleeping.
That’s why we have other sounds like Rain Sounds, Thunder Storm Sounds,
Ocean Roar, etc. And for these types of sounds there really isn’t a
limit. I fell asleep to Thunder Storm Sound just last night!

What makes Fade Away Sleep Sounds unique?


There are a lot of white noise companies out there, but what makes Fade
Away Sleep Sounds unique is the very slow, very subtle fade to silence at
the end of the track. It’s so slow you don’t even know it’s happening,
and before you know it, you’re sleeping on your own, unaided.
Some of the other white noise businesses offer sound files that are up to
10 hours long. Or other have very short clips that can be looped
Fade Away Sleep Sounds made the decision to take our product a different
direction. All our tracks are just one hour long, with the last ten
minutes of that hour being the slow fade to silence. It’s actually
getting your baby to sleep and weaning them off of it at the same time.
With my kids, getting them to sleep was the tough part… once they were
asleep, they were great, so we just used the white noise to get them to
sleep, and just on their more difficult nights. We never wanted it to be
a crutch or something they were dependent on, and I tried to make a
product that reflected that same principle.

where can our readers reach you?

I try to be as connected and available as possible. The easiest way would
probably be via our web site (… there is a
“contact us” form at the bottom of every page. We are also on social
media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with all three accounts having
the handle @fadeawaysleep. I man all the accounts, so if you reach out to
Fade Away Sleep Sounds though one of those channels, I’m the guy on the
other end reading your notes and responding to you.

Do you ship globally? Of not, what countries do you supply to?

These days we mainly just work in the digital realm, so anyone, anywhere
in the world with an internet connection can download our sounds. We
release the sounds first on our website, and soon after we put them on
most of the popular streaming and downloading services (Spotify, iTunes,
Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, etc.).

We do have some CD’s of our sounds left, and we sell those on eBay, so we
ship those in the U.S. and to the other countries eBay has reached a
global distribution agreement with. But the majority of our business is
in the digital world.

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