Fauja Singh Keeps Going


Welcome to the true story of the oldest person to ever run a marathon! Fauja Singh Keeps Going no matter what people tell him! Fauja keeps defying the odds and proving that you’re never too old to try something new and to start believing in yourself!

Every Step Forward Is A Victory!

Fauja may have been born determined but to many, he was not going to make it. He did not take his first steps until he was five, he could not play cricket with his friends in Punjab. He also could not walk to school and everyone was worried he would not be able to help on the farm. But they were wrong. He ended up achieving and surpassing everyone’s expectations. Most of all, he surpassed his own. From Penguin Random House, Fauja Singh is an inspiration from children to adults alike, to always go for their goals and try their best.

Fauja Singh’s Record Breaking Life

Fauja began running marathons when he was 81, after his wives death and a recent move to England to be closer to family. He did not speak English, but his international language of love made him one popular person and beloved by all. Author Simran Jeet Singh really grasps the essence of Fauja Singh and writes in a way that both parent and child can be inspired to always go for their goals. A lover of sports and avid runner himself, Simran captured the highs and lows of going for your goals and the ultimate feeling of euphoria when achieving them. Illustrator Baljinder Kaur’s beautiful drawings encapsulate the reader. The reader may capture themselves smiling right back at Fauja’s infectious smile.

The Extras

At the back of the book, children can begin to plan their own love of running by reading all of Fauja’s national and World Records. At the beginning of the book, he lovingly speaks to your child, encouraging them to break his records! This inspiring book will be read again and again by your little ones.

Extra Credit

Have your child set goals for themselves that they thought were not possible. Lay out a “one step at a time” plan like Fauja to make those goals a reality. Did your child get closer to their dreams?

Have your older children train for a race. Start with a 5k and build up if they are showing interest. It is good for both the mind and body!

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