Feed Maxi App Review

*Available at the App Store

By:  Karen Del Ben

A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick


The Feed Maxi app is a cute interactive game that promotes healthy eating and teaches basic sign language such as using the signs more, all done, and please. Maxi an animated monkey in the app encourages children to try new foods, and assists them in making healthy eating selections.

My son loved giving Maxi high fives when he answered questions correctly.  If he was unable to answer a question correctly the correct answer would light up so that the he could still be successful.


One of my favourite features was the parent gate. Before entering the parent gate you need to answer a skill testing math question in order to adjust the games settings, such as setting up the skill level for up to 5 different children.  The 3 skill categories are, easy, moderate and difficult. Which is great since this app will grow with your child’s learning.

Another parental feature is the ability to track your child’s progress through the statistics setting. This setting shows how many questions were answered and the length of time your child needed to answer the question.

Coming from a career in which I worked with special needs children, I really recommend this app for children that are learning to classify their food groups. It’s difficult to find the perfect app that is suitable and also engages learning in children.  This app has it all.