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At we love to support Mom and Dadpreneurs as much as we can. We have started the Kickstarter Page of the month and our first featured Kickstarter page is fantastic!

True Birth: A Compilation of Real Birth Stories is a book that has been created to provide heart-warming birth stories, inspiration and encouragement. There is so much negative attention surrounding the process of labour/labor and it is incredibly encouraging to have a book that presents you with real stories that are positive and full of love.

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As the author, Marika Jeziorek, explains, “The motivation behind the book is to help women feel good giving birth. To help inspire, encourage, provide heart-warming birth stories, beneficial and insightful articles, and to remind women they’re simply fabulous and that they have the power to give birth. Of course, things may not go according to plan, but thinking positively about childbirth, and preparing the body, mind, and soul will help tremendously. There are over 20 stories, one even from the 1970s. Topics include placenta encapsulation, perineal massage, breastfeeding, home birth, hospital birth, birth in unexpected places, being a single mother, having a huge support system, having advocates, being pressured into interventions, not being prepared enough, better preparing the second time around, etc. It’s a very ‘positive’ book, and will make anyone feel good.”


Jeziorek explains that True Birth is part of a bigger brand, which is Feel Good Giving Birth:

“Feel Good Giving Birth dedicates itself to supporting women during childbirth. To do this, our work consists of two main areas. First, we believe wholeheartedly that women should feel good when giving birth. Imagine women feeling empowered and strong during childbirth. Forget the trauma and fear that is so prevalent in our society. Think empowerment. Think strength. Our goal is to foster a supportive environment for all pregnant and new moms. We encourage women to support one another, to share stories and words of wisdom, and to believe in their ability to enjoy this remarkable milestone of childbirth. We have just launched our Kickstarter project True Birth: A Compilation of Real Birth Stories, which reminds women about their incredible inner strength.

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Second, Feel Good Giving Birth recognizes that while part of the world is off choosing between hospital or home birth, other women do not even know if they will survive childbirth itself. Thousands of women and newborns die each year because they do not receive proper care. We stand in solidarity with women around the world, and we pledge to donate a percentage of profits to increase efforts dedicated to this cause. By enjoying our products, you too can help those who need better health care.

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On our website you will find high-quality European maternity and breastfeeding clothing that is beautiful, chic, and fabulous. Look great when pregnant and when breastfeeding. As breastfeeding advocates, we recognize the importance of breastfeeding as a public health issue at the micro and macro level, and thus will always be breastfeeding-friendly.

As you can see, we’re not just a store. And we’re not just a business. We believe in women, and we believe in their ability to be strong. We believe that they too want to help give every woman and baby a fighting chance.”

Marika Jeziorek
A Little about the Author:
Jeziorek was always a career-driven feminist who leaped quickly into a PhD at the age of 22. A year later she left her doctoral studies and went to assist with Economic Development in Northern Ontario. Once she became pregnant, she knew she would never want to leave her little bundle of joy, and thus launched a (home-based) business and political consulting business ( She continues to do some freelance work, and enjoys combining her passion for (gentle) parenting with entrepreneurship. FGGB is a business, but it’s just a small, part-time venture she tries to fit in between cuddles, breastfeeding, and family time. Jeziorek also runs a mompreneurial blog at, where she provides tips and advice, and where she shares her experience with other parents wanting to spend more time with their families.

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