Feltman Brothers Milestone Blanket – When you have a baby, everything happens so quickly. Baby grows so fast and sometimes it is hard to capture these precious moments. Feltman Brothers has you covered with their new keepsake, a Milestone Blanket!

Milestone Blankets

This beautiful blanket will help you document the month to month growth of your baby. Change the beautiful ring from month to month as your baby grows. But this is just not a milestone blanket, it is a keepsake. This is something that your child can keep to remember how small they once were and pass it down to their children to track their month to month growth.

It is sentimental, for families to track the growth and changes of their baby. They can share with family and friends and make an album of pictures. Watch as your child grows, changes and gets their beautiful facial features.

These blankets are not only practically but beautiful. They will enhance your photos and allow the photo to tell a story about your child and their growth.

It’s In The Details

Colors available in blue or pink. You will receive your blanket wrapped in a beautiful gift box that you can keep for your child. Each blanket comes with a metal rink so you can encircle the month your child is at in their growth journey. We love that there is space for you to embroider your child’s name to give it that extra special personal touch.

Speaking of embroidery, each month is embroidered beautifully. This keepsake blanket is truly unique, beautiful and timeless. Give it as a gift to your loved one or get it for yourself to track your child’s progress in their first year!

Milestone Blankets

When looking for a milestone blanket, you want something that is well made, unique and helps tell the story of your child’s growth. Feltman Brothers does just that, with their embroidered milestone blankets that are beautiful, soft for your baby to be placed on and a keepsake that can be passed down to your child. Coupled with the beautiful giftbox, this makes a great gift for a loved one or your own child.