It’s Valentine’s Day and one of our favorite brands brings joy to parents and children alike with their Valentine’s Day Line for babies and kids. You are going to love what you see this Valentine’s Day. Have your children dressed in their best for this holiday of love. Whether it is for a photo shoot, a special dinner or a ‘just because’, have your child looking great and filled with love this Valentine’s Day.

Feltman Brothers Valentine’s Day

Let’s discover the fine quality and craftsmanship of Feltman Brothers. Each and every piece is not only a beautiful outfit for your baby, but an heirloom to keep! Each style is timeless. Feltman Brothers has a magic to them. They know how to create traditional designs that are eye-catching and yet, still know which designs are trendy and popular today. They know that their keen eye to detail is timeless.

Feltman Brothers prides itself on being made from 100% cotton. You can see the detail in every outfit. We love looking at the smocking to bullions. We also see it in the embroidery . Every detail is beautiful!

However, Feltman Brothers puts your children first. The intricate designs does not interfere with your child’s movement. These clothes are breathable, moveable and allow your child to be themselves all while looking great.

Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, Feltman Brothers allows your child to spread the love with these cute and timeless new designs. We recently were given the Holiday Red Knit Cardigan. This cardigan was definitely timeless and a perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day. It is versatile and classy! We love that the fabric is breathable. Your children can run, play and move around in these outfits. However, they still look timeless, smart and elegant at the same time. Your child can be warm and cozy and yet fashionable and trendy. This piece is perfect for layering on top of any holiday outfits or special occasions. It can also be used as an everyday layette.

When choosing Feltman Brothers, you are choosing timelessness, elegance and class. However, you are choosing a brand that understands children’s need to stay comfortable, warm and be able to move. This is one of our favorite brands for special occasions and everyday wear!