You’ve found out you’re expecting, and now the search for the perfect name for your baby begins! What better way to discover a name than with an app that allows you to connect with others and like/dislike names together by simply swiping left and right. Get notified when your partner likes a name you’ve liked and view all your matches in a shared list. The task can be overwhelming especially when two people are weighing in on the decision. That’s where BabyHandle comes in. We want to simplify the name selection process and make it as fun for you and your loved ones as possible.

Your Baby Name List

Find The Perfect Name For Your Baby With Baby Handle

Discover the perfect name as you simply swipe left or right to decide which ones you like or dislike. Swiping right saves names to a list that you can look back to whenever you want. If you already know the gender of your baby, you can also filter the results to display only boy or girl names. You even have the ability to create multiple lists as you add to your family.

Connect, Decide

We know more than one person often weighs in on what your baby’s name will be. BabyHandle allows you to connect with another user and easily search for names together. Once you connect, both users will see the same names and receive notifications when they have a match. All your matches are also added to a shared list to help narrow down your search.

To be inspired by other users, you can also opt to receive updates with the top names on BabyHandle.