We received a very special book that brings us into a world of adoption, deaf culture and hope. Finding Zoe is a roller coaster of struggle, insight, embracing life as it comes and achievement.

Co-author Brandi Rarus was six years old when bacterial meningitis took her hearing. Luckily, Brandi was able to adjust to lip reading and was mainstreamed in school. As a little girl, she socialized in the hearing community. However, as a teen, communicating is hard.

In University, Brandi embraced Deaf Culture. In this community, she she helped others realize that being deaf is not a handicap, it is just a new and exciting world. She later was Miss Deaf America and served as a spokesperson for her community.


After marrying Tim Rarus (an advocate for Deaf people who has done some amazing work across the United States) and having three hearing boys, this dynamic family made a big decision, they were going to adopt.

Along came Zoe, a little baby girl who is deaf. Now this family must pave the way for their daughter to achieve her full potential and to continue to make the world around them more Deaf Culture friendly.

Co-author Gail Harris brings her experience of adoption (she had a adopted a child herself) and its process and in-vitro fertilization. She also brings a hearing person’s view experiences Deaf Culture.

We don’t want to  give anything away, because both deaf and hearing families must read this book. It is important for all of us to know that Deaf Culture is a vast, dynamic culture that exists all around us and flourishes in society. The hearing community must become educated in Deaf Culture so we can help Deaf people share their wealth of knowledge with the hearing world.   This book will inspire any family who has a child with special needs. We also believe it will give insight to parents who have adopted a little child or Mothers who are placing their child up for adoption. This book can reach so many people and while turning each page is a story of struggle, acceptance, hard work and success.


We encourage both the hearing and Deaf communities to read this book. If you are thinking of adoption or you have a child with special needs, this book can be your friend along your journey. It is real, raw and can serve as a guide to all of those who are stepping out of the box. Buy it here today.