Passion, dedication and a love for fitness. That’s what you will get if you follow Hayley Young. Hayley Young wants Moms to be and seasoned Moms alike to be inspired to get fit. Her massive following in Birmingham, Alabama and from the show, Jersey Belle on Bravo has inspired women across the country to get fit with Hayley Young. Hayley has ow a great offer for her fans, she has  put out two dvds, Fit Pregnancy and Fit Workouts, to help both women who are pregnant and have given birth shed those pounds in a healthy, inspiring way.


Fit Pregnancy Dvd- We love how Hayley has designed this workout dvd! It is broken up into three parts for each trimester. This DVD, unlike many of its competitors, takes into consideration that a pregnant body is constantly changing.  Fit Pregnancy will keep you moving through out your pregnancy, staying fit but taking care of your changing body.


Fit Workouts- For the woman getting her body fit for a potential pregnancy or a Mom looking to get back into shape, Hayley out does herself with this fun and safe workout DVD. There are three 30 minute workouts that are fantastic for Moms who are traveling, a working parent or those looking for a lifestyle change!


We love that Hayley is insightful and she knows that every woman’s body is different. Through out pre pregnancy, pregnancy and after birth, Hayley Young has created a series of workouts that helps every woman with every body type!


Hayley also sells fitness gear on her website so Mommies can move easily while working out to her fitness DVD.


You can also get tips and yummy recipes from Hayley’s website so your mind and boy is synched for a healthy lifestyle.

Visit Hayley today here and buy her DVDs here! They are a great staple for every woman looking to get into or stay in shape!