Flowers are Pretty…Weird

Flowers are Pretty…Weird – Flowers are absolutely stunning. A floral arrangement makes a beautiful gift for so many. Flowers grow all over the world and just make us thankful to have such beauty around us. However, author Rosemary Mosco has a great point: Flowers are Pretty… Weird! You and your children will learn some fun facts about flowers and we guarantee some of those facts will shock you!

This picture book will make you think that flowers are indeed pretty and pretty weird.

Hilarious Truths About Flowers

Illustrator Jacob Souva makes you fall in love with each and every weird flower with the delightful pictures. Mosco introduces us to a beloved bee narrator who tells  us fun facts and hilarious stories about flowers. Your curious children from preschool to ten years old will marvel at all of the fun facts about flowers. Did you know there is a flower that smells like old meat? Your kids will absorb these facts and start to fall in love with the environment and everything around it.

Tethered with humor, great illustrations and a fantastic story line, this will immediately become one of your children’s favorite books. Challenge your early reader to read a few of the pages. Alternatively for older children who are reluctant readers, this books hilarity and wonderful flow will encourage them to read out loud.

This book is fun, funny, and brings children together that this can be a book read over and over again with the entire family. We love another great title from Tundra! We don’t want to give all of the fun facts away, so you have to get a copy for yourself!

flowers are pretty weird


EXTRA CREDIT- Flowers Are Pretty… Weird

Have your children look up another flower that they love. Have them research a weird fact about their flower. From dandelions to lilies, there has to be at least one weird fact about every flower! Have your children laugh and report what they found and draw a picture of their weird flower facts.

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