The 6 Best Forts For Kids

Some of the best memories of childhood come from building a fort. Forts for kids helps them work on their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and imaginative skills. Children can play alone or with friends and it usually is hours of fun. Kids get lost in the imagination. Do they defend their fort or spend time making it a home. Or both? There are options out there to find the perfect forts for your kids.

Finding the Perfect Fort For Your Kids

We will put each of these forts to the test! We will have a link where you can buy each fort, state whether it can be inside, outside or both. It will state whether assembly is required for it and if children can assemble it. Finding the perfect fort has to provide imagination, allow for creativity and is durable. Kids can be tough with their forts so we want forts that are going to stay up.

Each fort will have these points:

Outdoor Fort: This fort can stand most outdoor weather and can be comfortable in the elements (rain, snow, hot sun).

Indoor Fort: This fort is good inside and won’t scratch hardwood floors or pull on carpets.

Durable: This fort was built to last.

Assembly Required: Is assembly required? Is it easy for parents to put together?

Can A Child Assemble It: Is the fort so easy to assemble that a child can do it.

Age Range: What ages are best to use this fort comfortably.

The Best Forts For Kids

As parents, we want only the best forts for kids. They have to be durable. We need forts that are built to last. As we mentioned, kids can be rough with their forts, especially if imagination is involved. A lot of kids means a lot of action, so we need a fort that is going to last. Secondly, we need a fort that provides room for imagination. We want kids to build, expand and play in a fort that allows their creativity to take over. We want imagination to grow. Lastly, we need to know what the fort can provide. A child’s fine motor skills and gross motor skills depend on experiences and creating experiences. We need a fort that is going to allow the children to build or change it. Alternatively, we are looking for a fort that parents can help their child build and that can stay in place while providing an exceptional play time. Here are the best forts for kids out there.

Make A Fort Building Kit

The Make A Fort Building Kid comes just under $80USD. It has a durability about six times stronger than cardboard. It can be built, secured and then taken down and reused at your leisure. This Make A Fort Building Kit has 108 pieces. You can store the pieces in a carrying case and go for a new fort the very next day. This allows parents free range of the room once the child is finished playing. It is also made in the USA!

Outdoor Fort: No, it is durable cardboard but probably would have trouble in severe rain or snow.

Indoor Fort: Yes! A perfect indoor fort.

Durable: Yes. It is six times stronger than cardboard.

Assembly Required: Yes.

Can A Child Assemble It: Yes. Children over the age of seven will have no problem constructing this fort.

Age Range: This company recommends this fort for ages four and up.

130 Pieces Fort Building Kit

This fun fort has endless creative building plan ideas for your little kids. This is both an indoor and outdoor fort! The DIY fort will challenge your little one to create some fun designs. Put a sheet over the fort for privacy or keep the structure as is. Safety, durability and fun is on the minds of these creators. Each kit comes with a 130 pieces. You can buy more kits for even more creativity and fun! Parents choose this fort because it encourages creativity, imagination, STEM skills and that the fort can be on the inside or the outside.

Children will love the freedom to build a fort that they want. Perfect for the little engineer in your family. The product is a durable plastic.

Outdoor Fort: Yes! This fort can withstand the elements outside.

Indoor Fort: This fort is perfect for indoor activity on both the floor or the carpet

Durable: This fort is durable and provides a fun fort skeleton for your children to play in or add on to. You can add a bed sheet for privacy.

Assembly Required: Yes. Assembly is your choice how you want to build this fort.

Can A Child Assemble It: Children as young as five can begin to design their ideal fort.

Age Range: Ages 5 and up will enjoy this fort.

Skywin Air Tent Fort Playhouse for Kids

This inflatable air tent just needs a box fan and it becomes a air tent fort playhouse for your children! It can fit five children comfortably. This indoor tent is great for playing house, getting privacy or just creating a reading nook, this is your tent. It is light, very airy and a place to have a fun time. It is safe for the indoors.

We would recommend this for lighter play or a fort that you buy for a grandparents house. Box fan not included!

Outdoor Fort: No, this fort is light and would not withstand weather.

Indoor Fort: This fort is perfect for the indoors.

Durable: Out of all of the forts, this one is light and airy and perfect for light play.

Assembly Required: This is so easy to assemble and requires a minimal effort.

Can A Child Assemble It: Children over ten would be comfortable assembling this. However, we would recommend a parent close by.

Age Range: Ages six and above would enjoy this fort.

Kids Play Tent, Razee Large Playhouse Tent

This elegant tent is a favorite amongst families. This gorgeous fort is whimsical, big and easy to use both indoor and outdoors. This outdoor and indoor tent is beautiful, sturdy and so much more. Add lights to it to make it shine bright or put a mattress on the inside for a little daybed. It is durable and can put up with children playing and having a good time, both inside and outside.

Outdoor Fort: Yes, this would be great for the backyard, but don’t leave it out in the snow.

Indoor Fort: Yes, it is perfect on both carpet and hard wood floors. A great choice for an indoor kid’s fort.

Durable: It is well made and very durable. We would recommend it inside and outside. We would avoid it during snowfall and harsh winds.

Assembly Required: Yes, easy assembly.

Can A Child Assemble It: With parental help ideally a child can help assemble it.

Age Range: 3 and up ideally will enjoy this kid’s fort.

Forts Building Kid For Kids

This for makes sure to entertain your child for hours. It increases STEM skills because your children have to look at the pieces and build it. It has 386 large pieces to keep their energies flowing with new entertaining ideas on building the perfect fort. This fort building kit is perfect for kids outside or inside.

Outdoor Fort: Yes, but we would avoid putting it out in the rain, winds or snow.

Indoor Fort: Yes, it is a perfect indoor fort on both carpet and wood floors.

Durable: It is durable.

Assembly Required: Yes, general assembly is required.

Can A Child Assemble It: Children above the age of 9 should be able to assemble this at ease.

Age Range: Ages five and above would enjoy this children’s fort.

Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures Outdoor Glamping House

This Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures Glamping House is fun for all ages to make into the outdoor fort of their dreams! It is a 25 foot canvas colored playhouse. This is great for many children to play outside. It is very durable and can withstand all weather. This is a perfect outdoor fort that an lead to hours and hours of fun.

Outdoor Fort: Yes, This fort is great for all seasons.

Indoor Fort: No, it is very big and would not do well in the indoors. It would not fit in most rooms!

Durable: Yes, this is built to last for years and years.

Assembly Required: Yes, this would be a big assembly job for adults and older children to help their families.

Can A Child Assemble It: No, older children over the age of eight can help their parents.

Age Range: Ages three and up can play in this kid’s fort outside.


Forts for Kids

These are the best kid’s forts available now. whether you are looking for a fort building kit for a 10 year old or an indoor fort for your littles to play in, we have found forts that are fun for all ages!