A Car seat is one of the most important things you need to purchase when you have a baby. A good car seat will not only keep your baby safe during car rides but also make him feel comfortable. When you go to a baby store, you can find so many types and brands of car seat that it can be confusing to choose one. To make sure you can pick the best car seat for your baby, here are some tips to help you.

Buying New is the Best Option
When it comes to baby car seat, buying new is the best option because the car seat will come in the best condition. However, if your budget is limited and you have to buy a used car seat, make sure to check all the parts thoroughly for any loose parts. Furthermore, even though the used car seat still looks good, you should never purchase it if it has been in an accident before.

Rear-Facing Seat is a Must
It is important to remember that babies must use a rear-facing seat. You can replace the old infant car seat with front facing seat when your baby is around two years old or when he outgrows his old car seat. However, it is safer for the kids to use the rear-facing seat as long as possible.

Check the Safety Standard of the Car Seat
When you go shopping for a car seat, you want to make sure that the car seat meets the federal safety standard. Furthermore, you also want to check the safety equipment the car seat has. While three-point harness is enough to keep your baby safe, it is best to find a car seat with the five-point harness for extra safety. Furthermore, check the construction and make sure it comes with side impact protection which will give extra protection for your baby’s head in case of the collision.

Easy to Clean Material
Getting a car seat with easy to clean material will never hurt. This way, if your baby spills something on the seat, you will not have a hard time cleaning it. Smooth fabrics are more easily to be wiped clean so it is best to choose a car seat with this kind of fabric.

Choose A Car Seat with Infant Carrier
Actually, as long as it is safe, it is okay to purchase baby car seat without infant carrier. However, infant carrier is very useful to keep your baby comfortable. When you are about to move your baby from the car, whether it is to the stroller or inside the house, you don’t have to wake your baby up. Simply unlatch the carrier from the base and you can conveniently move your baby from the car without interrupting his nap.

Now that you have purchased the best car seat for your baby, make sure to install it correctly inside your car. Don’t forget that baby car seat must not be installed on the front seat, especially if the car comes with the airbag system. Furthermore, read the vehicle owner’s manual carefully so that the car seat will be installed properly.