Frankie Dean

Inspire and comfort the smallest of babies with the Frankie Dean Collection! Newborn babies to little children are always looking for something that will comfort them and teach them. The Frankie Dean collection does just that and becomes a keepsake for life.

Comfort Blanket and Book

With six adorable animals to choose from, your child will make a cute little cuddle friend and a life long keepsake. These healthcare approved blankies are made with micro fleece. The design is so cool! The black and white patterns help your babies brain interpret and become stimulated. As your child begins to develop sight, these blankets help them with their cognitive skills, focus and recognition. You will find that each blanket in the Frankie Dean collection has a cool black and white pattern. Each blanket comes with a beautiful bedtime book that will encourage your children to fall in love with reading. This creates a wonderful bond between parent and child and teaches children to be calm as they prepare for a nights rest.

We were gifted the delightful Charley the Cat accompanied by Charley’s personal bedtime Story. In the book Goodnight Charley, Charley reviews the steps taken for bedtime. From brushing teeth to having a bath, is Charley ready for bed? The book has beautiful illustrations and very calm and positive writing. We love at the back of the book there is a key to find certain items in Charley’s bedtime routine. This recognition is great for your little toddlers.

frankie dean cat

What We Love About Frankie Dean

We love so much about Frankie Dean. The keepsake, the thought and love put in for newborns and babies and the high quality they use is just some of the reasons. Founders Brian & Jenavie Noggle are more than just entrepreneurs. They are parents who know what it is like to have a baby in the NICU. Baby Frankie surprised everyone by coming eight weeks early. This scary experience became a moment to help others when Frankie was gifted a blanket from a nurse. The nurse rubbed the blanket on Jenavie and gave it to little Frankie. From that point on, Frankie was comforted. It’s no surprise that this beautiful experience becomes a delightful business, spreading comfort and joy! From preemies to small children, everyone gets love and comfort from Frankie Dean.

Frankie Dean blankets are not just for newborns. As your child grows, this comfort blanket can become a security blanket and eventually a fixture in your child’s life. It will be a keepsake that your child will grow and keep for years to come.

cat bedtime book and blanket

We like products that stay in our child’s lives. Frankie Dean Blankets will stay in your child’s life for a lifetime. Collect all six of these adorable animal blankets and their beautiful stories. Give them to your children, nieces or nephews. This blanket and book will make a perfect gift for a loved one. Baby Showers, Christmas, First Birthdays, a birth present or  just because, this is the perfect gift.