Parenthood looks to be this rewarding experience, full of kisses, hugs and wonderful memories. As these moments do occur, many parents have teenagers who end up going down a tough path of substance abuse. Your family becomes chaotic and you are scared for your teen and for the rest of the family. What do you do?

Anette Edens, PhD, shares her experience both as a parent and as a psychologist. She is helping families with children who have  addictions. In her book, From Monsters to Miracles: Parent-Driven Recovery Tools That Work, parents get the tools to recover.

Edens focuses on when our children go off course, when they start abusing substances, their attitude changes, their grades slip and their friend circles can change. What else must change is our parenting approach. One cannot keep the same parenting approach when a flux has happened in a child.

Even if your teenager is not ready or willing to change and is fighting you every step you take to help them out of this challenging time, there is still hope. This book is good for every parent who has a child approaching or is in their teen years. This book is a must have for parents whose children are struggling with addictions.

Don’t drown in a sea of chaos, take your place back in your family and read this book. Teenagers suffering from addictions can be simply terrifying for the whole family, but it can end and your teenager can get through this. Arm yourself with the wisdom this book has to offer.