Gargi Name Meaning

Gargi is such a beautiful name. It is well liked by families all over the world and it has such a beautiful meaning. However, it is rather unique! We will learn what Gargi’s name means, the origin and so much more as we explore this well loved beautiful name.

Gargi is a name usually for girls. Find out what this beautiful girl’s name means and so much more.

Gargi Name Origin

The beautiful name of Gargi has a Hindu origin. Though there are people with the name Gargi all over the world, it is most popular in the country of India. Depending on the area and the dialect, Gargi is pronounced in two different ways. Like many names, different people pronounce names differently. Here is the Sanskrit way of saying “Gargi.”

Other families may pronounce the name Gargi like this:


Whichever way you were taught to pronounce Gargi will be the way you request people to pronounce your child’s name. Either way is beautiful.

Gargi Name Meaning

This beautiful girl’s name meaning is as wonderful as it is pronounced. The meaning is deep and would make any family proud to carry it. Gargi is “an ancient scholar” or “a well educated woman.” Similarly, it is said that Gargi derives from the goddess Durga. Godess Durga was associated with strength, protection, motherhood and was a revered amongst Indian divinities. This smart girls name will give pride to your entire family. It will also inspire your little one to achieve their dreams and they will know that they are capable of anything.


Gargi’s numerological number is a 6.

Notable People Named Gargi

Who else would carry your beautiful daughter’s name? Here is a list of notable people that share the name Gargi.

Gargi Benerji

At only the age of fourteen Gargi Benerji played for Bengal in India’s domestic league. Her skillset led her to proudly represent India as an international cricketeer.

Similar Names To Gargi

Here are some similar names to Gargi if you are looking for further inspiration:











Middle Names For Gargi

Middle names are so beautiful and can really emphasize a first name. Here are some great middle name possibilities for the name Gargi.












Alternatively, you can honor one of your family members or a close family friend by naming your little girl after them.

Gargi Nicknames

Nicknames are so cute! Not only are they terms of endearment, but they create bonds between your child and friends and family that can last a lifetime. Nicknames can be based on hobbies or cute stories about your child. Alternatively, nicknames can be adorable or short versions of the first name of your little one. Here are some great ideas for Gargi nicknames that will transcend across the globe!

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These are a few of the many cute nicknames for Gargi that your child will love and could stick with them through out their life!

What Kind of Person is Gargi?

If you are speaking to an astrologer, it will be agreed that Gargi is a name for a girl that is very agreeable and kind. Her good nature supercedes her. She is highly intelligent and inquisitive. Gargi wants to try new things. She is a creator. She will be artistic and appreciate art, music, writing, poetry and so much more.

A girl like Gargi will value her studies and have high hopes for her future. She will study hard and be interested in an array of subjects. In conclusion, you will have a daughter who loves academia. Do not be nervous if she is young and still trying to choose her career path. Gargi is a girl who is interested in many subjects and also excels in so many things. It is better for her to feed her curiosity and dive into her studies and take a wide range of studies. Above all, it would not be surprising that she will have a lot of extra curriculars.

Gargi Personality and Traits

Her personality will thrive in situations where she is asked to be creative. She will love nature and love walks in flower gardens, nature and more.

She will crave rules and govern herself with a good moral compass. Gargi is smart. Everyone will say that she has a good head on her shoulders. Make sure Gargi isn’t too hard on herself! Her expectations of herself will be so high and she will hold herself to high standards. Remind her to take breaks and get involved in hobbies that feed her creative juices. It is good to rest. Gargi should take up at least one instrument. Let her explore different writing styles, art mediums, music, and sport. She will love to go on walks and explore new places. She will be interested in different cultures and ask a lot of questions. This little girl is always thinking!

Gargi will be interested in helping those who are less fortunate. She will be interested in politics and the news. She will always try to be the voice for others who do not have one. Gargi knows that being popular is not what really matters in life. She is not afraid to do the right thing, even if it isn’t the popular opinion. She loves people but does not let them govern her when it comes to keeping a high moral standard. Gargi goes to the beat of her own drum.

Gargi Grows Up

This little girl will be a joy for friends and family and be the center of many conversations. As she gets older and more wise, she will be asked a lot about her opinions on hard topics. She will be centered, humble but stand up for what she believes in. Gargi is always remembered as she has a rare name that has a deep and powerful meaning.

As parents, you will be mindful that Gargi does not get used in life. Her passion for people means she will do anything for another person. It also means that people may keep taking and taking from someone who will give everything. As parents, you will guide Gargi to do her best but not feel like she has to fix the world. She must always schedule time for herself.

Gargi Name Meaning

Gargi may not be one of the most popular names out there, but it is certainly one of the prettiest and most profound. It has a great meaning. Gargi is a strong girl’s name and is something that everyone can be proud of. Your daughter is one of a kind, so choose a one of a kind name to go along with your pretty princess. Finally, your family and friends will love the name Gargi.

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