Gender-Neutral Baby Gift Guide

Not knowing the baby’s sex before it is born can be a beautiful surprise for everyone, but it can also be troubling. Baby showers or finding the appropriate gifts might be the most problematic thing about it. Maybe you wish to buy pink clothing for a baby girl or awesome toys for the baby boy, but since you don’t know the sex you may struggle. However, not all hope is lost for the baby shower gifts, because there are thousands of interesting and beautiful gender-neutral gifts you can rely on, and here are some of them.

Baby food cookbook


No matter the gender, the baby will need to eat healthy in order to grow up properly. You can search in the book shops and find a nice cookbook for baby food which will be filled with some of the best, easiest and healthiest recipes. The parents will be thankful since cooking for a baby can be tough; especially because their diet has to be versatile. What’s more, some of the books may contain yummy recipes that are good for the whole family.

Animal rattles

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Since you don’t know whether to rely on toy cars or dolls, you can go neutral with rattles. Newborns don’t need special toys; they mostly need a distraction or something they can chew on when they start teething. There are plenty of animal rattles that can be fun for the baby. However, just make sure to choose a proper material, and steer away from plastic. Some of the best choices include rubber or you can even find soft, knitted rattles that will be a perfect fit.

Wooden toys

Wood is one of the best materials for toys, given that they have no splinters. It is an eco-friendly material which comes in many different shapes and sizes of toys that are perfect for the little ones. One of the best ideas includes wooden blocks which are a good toy for any age. However, not only blocks make a perfect gift. For example, at Angus and Dudley Collections you can find plenty of wooden toys, from colorful abacuses to play gyms for your baby. What is more, all the corners are rounded so there is no potential hazard for the baby while they are enjoying their play time.

Soft swaddles

When it’s time to sleep, a newborn will need a soft swaddle. So, why not get one for the baby shower? However, if you don’t know the sex, then you should stick to some gender-neutral colors. White color is the safest one, but it could be dull. Thus, you can search for some soft swaddles with various geometrical patterns or black and white stripes and provide a fun little swaddle for the newborn, where they can feel safe.

Sling or a carrier

Slings and carriers are some of the most popular gifts today, and for a good reason. It is a very big relief to carry your baby hands-free and still be sure it is safe. Thus, make the future mom proud and more productive by getting her a sling or a carrier. She will be able to hold her baby close, while she can do plenty of things around the house, at the store or any other public place. These come in various colors and sizes and some of them are even adjustable. What is more, these make breastfeeding much easier, especially in public places.

Not knowing the baby’s sex is not an issue anymore. There are so many possibilities when it comes to gender-neutral gifts and you just need to find the right one and make the future mother happy and proud.