Get Inspired with these 3 Adorable Kids Christmas Outfit Ideas



December is knocking on our doors and we cannot wait for the Holidays! Besides getting all those holiday vibes and getting some time off to spend with the family, Christmas is a great time to get some lovely themed pieces for your kiddos.


Getting special outfits for your kids’ activities is a fantastic way to pass on some of the Christmas spirit to your little snowflake. And if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry.





We’ve asked our friends from Sophia’s Style to give you some top advice on what outfits to choose this Christmas for your little one, depending on the activities you have planned, without breaking the bank!


Either if you’re getting ready for a family reunion, a Christmas party with some friends or a gingerbread baking marathon, here are some suggestions on how to dress your kid this year.


Pajamas for the Christmas morning or a movie marathon

A nice pajama is a Holiday must-have item, especially if you’re planning to unwrap the presents in the Christmas morning. Some cool PJs can also help you bond with your tribe during a family movie marathon.


Pick a couple of your favorite childhood movies (Home Alone anyone?), add some chocolate snacks, some cups of cinnamon tea and your kid’s new favorite pair of jammies and there you go: the perfect set-up to relax and spend time away from your daily stressful activities.



If you haven’t made up your mind yet about what PJs to get, here are some tips & tricks to help you in your hunt:

  • For boys: reindeer or Santa patterned two-piece pajama is your go-to choice!
  • For girls: a nightgown with snowflakes!


No matter what design your kiddo likes, remember that Christmas is the perfect time to wear as much red as you like! And if your little one enjoys this color, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Family Christmas Dinner Reunion or Events

If you’re planning a big family reunion this year or you’ve been invited along with your kids at an event, you will need an outfit that raises to the occasion. Don’t let this moment slide and get some pieces that your little one will adore.


Here are some tips on what pieces to get for formal dinners & reunions:

  • For girls: the best choice is to get a Christmas dress. In 2016, lace dresses are making a big comeback! Red, green and even metallics are a great choice. For a memorable presence, get a T-length dress and pair it with some cool hair accessories.
  • For boys: black & white suit is the classic option;


Depending on the event’s formality, you can loosen up a bit and try to mix & match a cool sweater with a pair of tights, jeans or black pants. This is valid especially for family reunions where a formal attire is not mandatory.

Casual Outfits for Prepping the House

The Christmas spirit isn’t all about the Christmas Day or Eve. The planning activities are also a great time to bond and involve your kids around the house. Give them some responsibilities so they’ll now that they’re a big part of your family traditions.


Helping around the kitchen or giving a hand with the decorations, for example, are great ways to include your little one into your usual Christmas errands.


You’ll need a casual outfit for these activities and the best option is to get a set – with a shirt and a pair of cozy pants. Make sure to get comfortable pieces, that allow your kid to move around the house with ease. Pair the outfit with some warm socks and a headband and you’re ready to go!


What family activities are you planning this Christmas?