We all may not have the means to hop on a plane and fly to Paris for some fine French cuisine, but Claudine Pepin has made it possible for cuisinous Francais to come to our homes! Let’s Cook French- A Family Cookbook gives families some delicious french recipes. Not only will your tastebuds be singing during supper time, but each recipe is easy enough that your whole family can get involved with the preparation!


Not only is this book bilingual, but each section gives us a little story from Claudine herself! Learn how the French dine day to day with their families and compare it to when their friends are visiting! We love Claudine’s tips at the end of every recipe. Jacques Pepin’s illustrations are whimsical and brighten up every page.

Children can join you in learning how to cook some delicious recipes (Apple tarts with Almond Frangipane anyone?) and learn about one of the most culturally rich countries in the world.

Claudine partners with her father, world renowned chef Jacques Pepin for this fabulous book! Practice your French with your children while you learn how to cook with this must have recipe book by Claudine Pepin.