Girl On A Motorcycle

The First Woman To Ride A Motorcycle Around The World

Award winning author Amy Novesky tells the captivating story of Girl on A Motorcycle. When a woman makes the lofty decision to leave with very little luggage toi ride around the world, readers are amazed by the bravery of this person to have such a lofty goal.

In Paris, in 1973 Anne- France decides that she will ride her motorcycle around the world. She knew it would be lonely, she knew she would fall, but ultimately she knew to be quiet and listen to the road.

Be Quiet and Listen To The Road

Anne France’s fears escape her as she is captivated with her first country, Canada. The wildness, the freedom and her vision to go west is drawing her to continue. Anne France makes you fall in love with Canada. Then she arrives in Alaska and skips into Asia.

We see each country, the kindness of its people, the colorful cultures and the allies she makes, going across the world. Her nights are quiet as she sips tea and writes. She wants the world to be good, she wants the people of the world to be good. And it is.

Book Interaction

Award winning illustrator Julie Morstad captivates children by her art. She also does a wonderful job highlighting the items that Anne France has packed for her voyage, how she starts a campfire and the places she visits. Many children love to go over lists and see what people take in order to accomplish tasks. Many children will adore this page and all of the illustrations along with details of the trip. They will immediately be invited to follow along with the story, along with the incredible author Amy Novesky.

The World is Love

Anne France seeks out an adventure and she gets it by traveling the world and meeting so many wonderful people and seeing so many incredible sites. No matter what country you are from, the world is ours, every single bit of it.


Check out the amazing Girl on A Motorcycle pictures and biography in the back of the book!

Extra Credit

Have your children draw a map of where they would like to ride a motorcycle to. Would they like to go around town, across their country or around the world? Have them draw the sites they would see and the people that they would meet.

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