Go! Go! Cory Carson DJ Train Trax and the Roll Train

The Go! Go! Cory Carson DJ Train Trax and the Roll Train is a hot ticket item for any Cory Carson hfan. From VTECH, this toy is loved by children everywhere!

DJ Train Trax and the Roll Train

Cory and Chrissy have a fun DJ  train who when you press its hat will play DJ music, talk and play music. It’s smoke stack even lights up! With over 110+ fun phrases, songs and melodies, its time to roll along with song and fun! Not only does DJ head the fun, he also has his smoke stack lighting up and he jiggles as he plans all of the fun phrases and sounds!


As all PlayZone’s you can place included Cory and Chrissy carson in the DJ booths to see them interact. If you have other Cory Carson toys, they too can interact with this fun PLAYZONE. DJ Train Trax spins the beats while Chrissy and Cory will change color while they dance on stage! All your child has to do is turn the handle and the mini characters will twist and move! How cool is that?

Dj Train Trax can then park in his DJ Parking Spot and play more music. Make sure to get more SmartPoint characters so they can respond to this PlayZone!

New Skills

Your Child will learn imagination, they are in control of this dance party and some of their favorite characters will be invited! They will learn more about music and interaction. Also, they will learn a bit about what a DJ does. It is a cool job to have! Not to mention, children who love trains will adore how DJ Train Trax interacts with them and the Bumperton Hills characters.

We love this toy and it is a must have for your children, especially your Cory Carson fans!

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