Go! Go! Cory Carson Mini Character 6 Pack

Now your child can visit all of their friends in Bumperton Hills with the Go! Go! Cory Carson Mini Character 6 Pack.  Not only is Cory Carson’s friends adorable but they also interact and unlock phrases and sounds when placed on the PlayZone locations on playsets!

The Go! Go! Cory Carson Characters

Timmy O’Tool- A bulldozer with a big smile.

Halle Copter- High above the air, this is the cutest helicopter you have ever seen!

Kimmy O’Tool- An adorable wrecking bar

Frannie Fenderson- A car ready to drive!

Cory Carson- The Lead of the show!

Freddie Firetruck- A fire truck with a big heart

PlayZone Interaction


When you have the PlayZone, each mini character unlocks phrases and sounds when placed on different PlayZone locations on play sets. The more PlayZone’s you introduce Cory Carson and his friends to, the more they interact!

These characters are small and perfect to take in a backpack to friend’s house, to grandparent’s or just for a day out on the town. Cory Carson and his friends love great adventures!

Developmental Benefits

Imaginative Play- Your child’s imagination will soar once they get to play with their favorite characters from the Go! Go! Cory Carson show. When they interact with different PlayZones, their imaginative play is endless.

Role Play- Listen to your child become their favorite characters. Do they change their voice? Do they remember all of the catch phrases? You will notice a lot of role play development with your child and their beloved characters.

Language Development- Your child will start to learn catch phrases that will build their vocabulary skills. Whether they are an inquisitive toddler or a school aged child who loves to interact, your child’s language skills will expand!

Go! Go! Cory Carson Mini Character 6 Pack

Enjoy the Cory Carson characters and how much they interact with PlayZones. Now your child has all of their favorite characters right in their own home! New from Vtech.

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