Going Vegan as a Family


Are you and your family thinking of going vegan? This can be an exciting road of trying new foods and having new recipes. A big dietary change quickly becomes a lifestyle change. What do you and your family need to know before you start to become vegan? Here are our top tips:


Talk To Your Doctor


Speaking to your doctor is key when becoming vegan and possibly moving your family towards a more vegan diet. Your doctor may ask for your whole family to come in for a health assessment. Speak to your doctor if you or any family members have any medical conditions. Get an allergy test done to see if you are allergic to anything. See if you can go right into veganism or if your doctor recommends to go slowly.

Is it safe for a child to be vegan?

The short answer is, of course! Millions of children all over the world eat a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Whether it is for cultural reasons or personal choices, veganism is widely accepted. However, you have to understand how to substitute animal protein with plant protein. This will involve parents educating themselves and seeking education from professionals.

Speaking to a professional before any lifestyle change is highly recommended.


Research Recipes


Here is the fun part! Researching yummy vegan recipes can be the highlight of your new journey towards veganism. Look for recipes that are well balanced, that give you the proper plant proteins, carbs and nutrients that you need for a balanced meal. Trust us, this is an easy task as many vegan recipes are not only delicious but completely well balanced.

Have each of your children pick a recipe that they want to try. There will be some hits and some misses like any recipe searching, but this is guaranteed to be fun! You definitely won’t miss meat after you get into the groove of vegan cooking. There are also so many vegan restaurants that are delicious.

We have a delicious vegan lasagna recipe that we are going to leave right here.


Start With Meatless Mondays


If you are the family who is interested in veganism but you would rather ease into the lifestyle or just learn some vegan meals, start with Meatless Mondays! Meatless Mondays are a great way to plan three meals and snacks by completely sticking with a vegan guideline.


Meatless Mondays allows you to plan out some yummy meals, experiment with some nutritious and delicious snacks and most of all, be a healthy happy family!


Go Slowly As You Adjust

Why go slowly? You may be ready to start this new journey but you may have some more reluctant family members. Going slowly for them may be best. You can always take the “temperature” of the family to see how excited they are with this new journey and lifestyle change. There is always a rule of 3


3 Days to make something a routine

3 Weeks to form a habit

3 months to make a lifestyle


Give your family some grace and time to speak their opinions. If you go vegan and another family members has meatless Mondays, you are still doing your part and contributing to their overall health. We have to respect everyone’s paths and journeys but also balance the importance of guiding your family to at least try something new.


Get a Nutritional Health Test

We are so excited about nutritional health tests. Health Labs has a great vegan test and are now and are now offering our audience 10% off. You love these tests because the panel tests for common animal derived food allergies to help determine if veganism is the best option for you and your family. One test per person can really help a family make that decision. There are different levels of panels that you can choose which one is best for your family.


Vegan Family Determine If  Veganism is the Best Option

Becoming vegan is an exciting time for your family and also involves a huge lifestyle change! Enjoy that journey and most of all, have fun! You will being an exciting change for your family and you will all be healthier for it.


NYC Vegan Chef Julia Chebotar gives us some yummy vegan recipes, tips and tricks!