Goodnight Astronaut

For the child who imagines, this book is the foundation for the next adventure. For the child who dreams, this is the new aspiration. Goodnight astronaut is not only a fantastic book to read to your children before bed, it is the start of something for the child who yearns for their visions to become a reality.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly creates a recipe of a book that will create and inspire the next generation of dreamers who make those dreams a reality. Kelly is known for many things including spending a record breaking year in space!  This book also teaches your child the many different experiences that they would have as they pursue their dream of becoming an astronaut. There are so many life lessons in this book. The big dreams do not come over night and involve a lot of work and continued focus. Most of all, you have to keep on dreaming. Keep dreaming that you can do it, no matter how different the experiences are, or hard they can be at that time. Illustrator Izzy Burton captures the whimsical dream style of the child with the real experiences of Scott Kelly.

Adventures Are To Be Had!

Whether you are going into a submarine to spend weeks in the deepest of water or you are spending a night staring at the stars, your adventure is right in front of you and there for you to grasp it.


Have your child describe what their dreams are and write a story and draw pictures along with the story. Do they want to be an astronaut like Scott Kelly or a doctor, graphic designer or mechanic? Have them describe their dreams to you!

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