Our first birthday has arrived! We are a toddler! We have our walking shoes and have enjoyed our first year of life. We are so excited to have survived a year in the competitive industry of Parenting Magazines and we could not have done it without you.

Thebabyspot.ca has always been passionate about promoting small businesses along side big businesses. We are not only interested in the trends but the trend setters. If you have a fantastic business, are passionate about your craft and love your customers/clients then we will be looking for you! We are grateful for our friends on social media, the people who follow us and hearing their experiences and ideas. You have told us you have a keen interest to know the latest information of the best designers, newest apps and different opinions. Though not always mainstream, we have made it our mandate to give you every side of the spectrum on major opinions.

We are passionate about the issue of fertility. We have made thebabyspot.ca a place where readers can read about  the latest fertility breakthroughs from around the world, not just in their area. We love connecting and working with fertility centres from across the world, bringing you the most up to date information about fertility.

We also are happy to give you yummy recipes. If you are stuck on what to eat tonight, check out our recipe section!

We are proud to promote our bloggers, businesses and designers of the month and our blogger of the year: Colleen Drenth.

-If you are a big time parent blogger or if you are just starting out, we don’t care about how many people are following you, we care about your valuable content!

We are thankful to be working with PR companies in three continents who introduce us to some wonderful topics and individuals.

-We plan on having a monthly newsletter, so keep checking back with us until you can sign up! We also want to have a global directory of hot designers, great bloggers, fun toys and amazing businesses. Stay tuned or email us if you want to be on our exclusive directory list!


Most of all, we promise our website will continue to be a mix of experts and the parents next door, the huge designers and the start up parent designer with great vision.If you have the talent, we will promote you!

Please continue to visit thebabyspot.ca regularly. We are just like you, mothers and fathers who are just trying to make a difference in this fun/exciting/chaotic world that we call “parenting.”





The Editor