It’s time to enchant your children with another Sky Pony Press great: Harper and The Scarlet Umbrella by Cerrie Burnell.

It’s great to get children to read as much as they can but to read books that will just give their imagination the jump start it needs. That is exactly what this magical adventure will do!  Magic, Music and Mystery fill this book when every cat in the City of Clouds goes missing. Harper has a rare musical gift where she can hear songs on the wind, the rhythms on rain and a beat from a butterfly’s wing. So when her beloved Midnight the cat and all of the other adorable cats of the City of Clouds go missing, she knows she has to find them.

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With her trusty scarlet umbrella that flies and her friends in the sky, she discovers the oddest sight, the cats have been forced to play in the Midnight Orchestra. Can her musical talents save these felines from a symphony of spookiness? You will have to read to find out.

Illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson completely captures Cerrie Burnell’s descriptions of the wonderful Harper and her adventures. Her whimsical drawings make the book even more compelling.

Cerrie developed the Harper character to be strong and special, which is something a lot of readers will love. Harper is a great protagonist and teaches children through her actions to utilize their talents in tough situations.

This book has a great storyline and it’s no secret why Cerrie was listed in the Guardian’s 2011 list of one hundred most inspirational women. We highly recommend this book to boys and girls alike who are looking for a fun adventure. Read it to your young ones or have your children read it alone. This book will be a great bonding experience for families.