Hat Cat Book Review

When an elderly gentleman meets an unlikely friend, this friendship becomes something more special for both of them that bonds them together for a lifetime. Hat Cat teaches children about love, loss and the importance of good friends.

The Beauty of Hat Cat

This elderly man has lived alone for years. Everyday, he goes and feeds the squirrels. One day, while feeding his furry friends, he finds a small kitten underneath his hat. Keeping it simple, the old man names the cat “Hat.” Hat is skittish at first but realizes this old man is his new best friend. The old man and Hat love to go and be together except when the man goes to feed his squirrels. The man does not want Hat to run away so he keeps Hat inside. He also doesn’t want Hat to chase the squirrels.

One day, Hat waits for the old man to go outside to feed the squirrels. The man never comes out. A new family begins to take care of Hat. Will Hat find his friend again? Will he be able to go outside and have his freedom?

Author Troy Wilson brings a beautiful story about trust, friendship and loyalty. Illustrator Eve Coy brings Wilson’s words to life with tender illustrations.

What We Love

There are so many beautiful moments in this book. A family comes in many shapes and sizes. Children and parents alike will learn about trust, loyalty and ultimately friendship. Life can put each of these to the test, but once families overcome, each person in that family is stronger. May we all discover a Hat in our our life that fits right in.

Extra Credit

Have your children write down all of their family members. Who makes up their community?

Get your children to draw their favorite hat. Who is hiding under it? Is it someone who wants to join their family?

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