We love Droppa, our App of the Year. This scheduler is helping families stay connected and stay together. The most precious moments are no longer missed and families and friends are staying more organized, leaving more time to have fun!


We are excited to announce that Droppa has had a major new update.

Droppa is now displaying all of the calendar entries that are associated with the email address registered with Droppa. What does this mean? All entries in a user’s Google calendar, Apple Calendar or Outlook calendar will now be displayed within the user’s Droppa Schedule.


With this new feature, Drops can be created from these entries by simplifying tapping on the entry and then creating a drop in the usual way. Yes, it is that simple!


Now users can keep all of their important people fully informed about what they’re up to or if they just need others to know a piece of information.


Droppa is not only a scheduler, it is about connections and making connections with those we care about the most. Whether it is a family event that you are trying to organize or making sure that everyone shows up to your child’s big event, these are the important moments that mean so much and we don’t have to miss.


We are excited about Droppa’s new major update! Did you get Droppa App yet? What do you think about this fantastic new functionality? Let us know what you think in the comments below!