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The Baby Spot loves to feature businesses, companies and designers on our website. We also keep great relationships with the people we feature, often emailing them through out the year to provide pictures and information about key products. We build articles along designers, businesses, apps and companies. We are dedicated to giving our readers information about the best products from around the globe.


How can your business, company or design be featured on The Baby Spot?

Add us on social media, Instagram , Facebook , Pinterest and Twitter. We may have a big following, but we appreciate your support.


Email [email protected] the following:

  • a bio about your business. How did you get started? What is it about? What do you want our readers to know?
  • a hi resolution photo of your logo
  • hi resolution photos of your app, product or design. We prefer 3-10.
  • all of your social media links that you would like our readers to connect to you with.
  • Where you ship to. If in one area, please state within the email where you specifically ship to.Two Month Old Baby's Face

We love to put businesses in our monthly Baby Spot Bests articles. These articles show our favorite finds from around the globe. It is our most popular article every month. Our audience is enthusiastic, passionate and global oriented.

If you are looking for an exclusive article, we would ask for a sample so we can share it on our social media before hand and get our audience excited about your and your business. Please state within the email which article you would be most interested in.

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