2017 has been an exciting year to say the least for me as Momma Braga with the amazing honor of being named the Blogger of the Year by the Baby Spot.

Being Blogger of The Year

I was humbled by receiving this prestigious title by The Baby Spot as to me it was the highest honor. The Baby Spot does something much more different than the typical parenting magazines that you see out there. They provide fresh, unique and real parenting topics and stories from all over the world. It isn’t the fluffy stories about how to be the “Pinterest Mom” or  how we “should” be as parents. But instead they provide information, real experiences (without the sugar coating) and a supportive community where we can share our experiences in hopes that others can learn or be inspired by them. This is exactly the type of platform that I wanted to be part of and that is why the title meant the world to me.

Being Blogger of The Year

Being the Blogger of the Year this year has opened up so many opportunities to reach a wider worldwide audience and I have loved getting to know many of the loyal Baby Spot readers this year. I need to say thank you to each one of them for their love, support and kindness. I couldn’t have asked for better fans than the ones from The Baby Spot.  Thank you for allowing my words to inspire, make you laugh and even at times make you cry. Thank you for letting me be me as I share my parenting journey and other parents’ journeys.

To The Baby Spot and to the their amazing editor, Grace. Thank you is not enough to express my sincere gratitude for the honor of Blogger of The Year. You have given me so much more confidence that I never knew I had which has made me a better person and mom. This opportunity has inspired me to write more and share much more from the heart. Thank you for accepting me as a mom who is just trying her very best every day and even though I am not an expert, I am treated with so much respect and love. That is what makes you all awesome!

New Beginnings

As we end 2017, I want to wish everyone at The Baby Spot and all the readers, the very best for 2018. Let us keep inspiring, supporting and loving one another as we all try to navigate through this parenting journey.

So what is coming up on Momma Braga for 2018?! There are new partnerships developing to provide parents with great informational pieces, new reviews, new adventures and did I mention a Children’s Book in the works?! All this and balancing a full-time job and motherhood. Have to keep things exciting! 😉

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

Heartfelt Thank You For The Honor From The 2017 Blogger Of The Year

By: Momma Braga