As a parent, getting my children to take their medicine was brutal! They would fight me EVERY step of the way. It is so important that kids get the correct dosage for the correct amount of days prescribed and I would waste so much medicine just to make sure they were getting it correctly. If you have kids, I am sure you can relate to this! So what is a parent to do? When my kids were younger there really was not much I can do but now there IS!!! I would like to introduce MediMixer which is coming soon!


The MediMixer allows the child to either crush or blend their liquid medicine with their favorite drink. Once the medicine and drink is blended, the child dispenses the medicine in to a cup, turns over a sand timer and quickly takes their medicine like a race or contest. Once the medicine is taken, a reward ticket is dispensed which the parent gets to deem its value. Perhaps it’s a trip to the ice cream shop… Whatever it is, the MediMixer motivates and excites the child and eliminates the struggle.


All I can say is this is GENIUS! I know how important it is for kids to feel in control. (I learned that with potty training) With the MediMixer, they can actually do this for themselves and have fun doing it. And hey, they even get a reward after all. It’s a win win. Parents, we have enough stress with kids as it is. There is no need to add any more by spending more time then we need on getting the kiddos to take their medicine.


Take a look on how easy it really can be:


Mixing liquid medicine:



Crushing tablet medicine:



Make sure you check out the Kickstarter MediMixer campaign and join us on this journey: