Get Your Kids Hiking! Start Them Young and Keep It Fun! With Author Jeff Alt

Summer is here and with it comes the beautiful weather. As child obesity is on the rise, it is important to get out with your family and stay fit. Author Jeff Alt wants you to do just that with his new book Get Your Kids Hiking! Start Them Young and Keep It Fun.

Our generation of children are hooked to video games, cell phones and television. It is certainly alright to do all of these things but we must encourage a certain amount of physical activity in order to stay healthy. Jeff’s book is a great way to get your family started on a more active lifestyle. As an avid hiker with two children, Jeff and his wife hiked a 50 mile trek of Ireland with his young daughter and extended family. When he got married, Jeff and his wife sported hiking backpacks for wedding photos! He took his son for his first hike at 8 weeks old. Just because you may be a parent does not mean you have to stay inside! Jeff gives some great tips to from his book on how to get your new family into hiking!


  1. 1.       Start ‘Em Young-Jeff encourages parents to stop often and let the little ones explore. This way, Jeff stresses, your child will look forward to each hike.
  2. 2.       Let The Kids Lead! – Hiking at your child’s distance and allowing them to become engaged with nature allows them to have fun and want to hike again and again.
  3. 3.       Count Down To The Adventure– Jeff suggests showing pictures, get maps, show landmark photos so your children are excited about what they will see. Show videos of possible wildlife you may encounter.
  4. 4.        Suit Up For Comfort, Style and The Latest Technology: Jeff has a checklist so everyone is comfortable:

-proper footwear     -packs –clothing- trekking poles –fresh clean water –communication –sunscreen –bug repellent –compass and map –flashlight –extra batteries


5. Bring Water and Food The Kids Will Love

6. Pack Fun Items – such as binoculars or a camera

7. Play Games and Bring a Friend!

8. Take Advantage of Park Activities and Guided Nature Experiences


Learning more about nature on the hike!

Learning more about nature on the hike!

Jeff’s book is not only a great read for parents but an excellent resource for getting your family into shape while having fun! supports families getting into shape and thinks this book would be a great tool for families looking to do just that or to have great outdoor experiences as a family!