Home cleaning schedule for working Mom and Dad- The day can feel like it never ends when you get home from work. After greeting the children, you get to making dinner and find yourself helping with homework and getting your babies to bed. Day after day, you notice your home is getting messier.

You need a schedule to keep up with the mess and the stress! We have a home cleaning schedule for working Moms and Dads that takes no more than fifteen minutes a day, but helps your house stay clean during these busy times!

How do working parents keep their house so clean?

Keeping a clean house while juggling work and family responsibilities can be challenging, but there are strategies that working parents often find helpful. Discover these easy to digest ways parents keep their house so clean:

10 Easy Ways To Keep Your House Clean

  1. Prioritize and Delegate:
    • Identify the most important tasks and focus on them first. Not everything needs to be done daily.
    • Delegate age-appropriate chores to children. This teaches responsibility and lightens the load.
  2. Establish a Routine:
    • Set a consistent cleaning schedule, breaking tasks into manageable chunks. This can be a daily or weekly routine.
    • Tackle one room or area at a time to prevent feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Multitask:
    • Combine household chores with other activities. For example, listen to a podcast or catch up on the news while doing the dishes or folding laundry.
  4. Utilize Time Efficiently:
    • Make use of small pockets of time. Quick tasks like wiping down surfaces or sorting mail can be done in short intervals.
  5. Declutter Regularly:
    • Regularly declutter to prevent accumulation of items. Donate or discard things that are no longer needed or used.
  6. Implement the 10-Minute Tidy:
    • Dedicate 10 minutes each day to tidy up specific areas. This helps maintain order without a significant time commitment.
  7. Meal Prep and Planning:
    • Plan meals in advance to streamline grocery shopping and cooking.
    • Cook in batches and freeze meals for busy days.
  8. Teamwork:
    • Involve all family members in maintaining a clean home. Assign specific tasks or have a designated family cleaning time.
  9. Use Cleaning Services:
    • Consider hiring occasional cleaning services for deep cleaning tasks or when time is particularly scarce.
  10. Embrace Imperfection:
    • Accept that perfection may not always be attainable. A tidy and functional home is more realistic and less stressful.

Remember that maintaining a clean house is an ongoing process, and finding a balance that works for your family is key. It’s okay to seek support from others or to ask for help when needed.

cleaning schedule

A Quick Cleaning Schedule For Moms and Dads

Creating a weekly housework schedule can help distribute tasks evenly and make the workload more manageable. Here’s a sample schedule that can be adapted based on individual preferences and family needs. We me sure that each task is about twenty minutes (except for laundry, we all know that can be never ending!)

Parents, make sure you buy the cleaning supplies that you need ahead of time. Here is a home cleaning schedule for Mom and Dad that is easy to abide by:


  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Dust surfaces (make sure to do this before you vacuum and mop)
  • Clean windows and mirrors


  • Laundry day (washing, drying, folding)
  • Wipe down kitchen appliances and countertops


  • Clean bathrooms (toilets, sinks, showers, tubs)
  • Water indoor plants


  • Organize and declutter common areas
  • Vacuum and mop floors


  • Grocery shopping and meal planning for the upcoming week
  • Clean out the refrigerator


  • Yard work (if applicable)
  • Deep clean one specific area (rotate each week)


  • Family day (minimal housework)
  • Meal prep for the week ahead

Feel free to adjust the schedule based on your family’s specific needs, the size of your home, and any additional tasks that may be relevant. It’s also helpful to involve family members in the process to share responsibilities and make it a team effort.

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