Home Decor Improvement Ideas Leveraging Custom 3d Wall Panels

If you thought that wall paint designs and wallpapers are the best that you could do for your walls, then this piece may just be an eye-opener for you. 

Imagine waking up to the wall with bright shiny foliage in various shades of green or to a sight of an ancient stonework panel. Alternatively, consider for a minute that you walk into a room that looks like it is a cavity inside a glacier. Do you feel like I am talking about scenes of some movie or its visual effects? Well then let me tell you that it is the magic that 3D wall panels can do for you.


What are 3D wall panels?


Before we start gushing about how awesome these panels are and how they can give a complete makeover to your home, let’s first understand that what exactly are 3D wall panels.

They are made up of environment-friendly materials like rubber, leather, and fabric. Sometimes recycles plastic is also used to make these panels. These panels contain no hazardous materials or chemical fillers and are safe for use. They are then printed in light and dark colors in a way that when they are put up on walls, they give a 3D effect to the room depending upon the kind of design that has been chosen for it.


How do they work?

For example, imagine that you have used a great camera to click a photograph of a lily plant right after a light shower. The colors may look all bright and fresh after the rain with droplets of water still clinging on to the leaves and flowers. Now try to visualize this photo with all its little details up on your walls. Moreover, what’s more, let’s add a little 3D effect to it so that you will feel that if you touch the wall, you can almost feel the cool, wet lily or its leaves. That is the magic of 3D wall panels. They are created by using modern optical technology which gives them a sophisticated and classy 3D effect.

With these panels, your walls can come to live. Moreover, it is not just about greenery, most companies that sell 3D panels will have a wide variety of options and textures to choose from, depending on your taste and where you want to use them.


How are these 3D wall panels used?

The panels come in the form of tiles that are glued to the wall using an industrial adhesive. The surface of the wall is cleaned so the tiles stick to it effortlessly. Once all the tiles are put up, they give a 3D or a textured look to the wall depending upon the kind of design it is based on.


Do you need these wall panels?

Have you been thinking about getting your walls that much-needed makeover? Are you willing to go beyond the conventional wall paint prints and wallpapers to virtually bringing your walls to life? Also, do you want to surprise everyone that visits your home or your office and enjoy the look of admiration on their faces? Then 3D wall panels are the answer for you. What’s more, these panels are also cost effective so while you make your space look more glamorous, you also end up saving money as compared to getting your walls painted. Also, these panels are fantastic at hiding flaws. If you have chipped off a bit off your wall or you have a not-so-pretty corner, use these panels to not only cover up the chipped walls but also to brighten up a corner instantly.


Do they need much care?

Unlike painted walls and wallpapers that have the risk of being stained, 3D wall panels are much easier to maintain. They are lightweight, very easy to install and do not stain; in case you drop anything on it, you can quickly wipe it off with a damp cloth or sponge, without staining it. Also, these panels are durable, so once you install them, you will not have to lose sleep over its maintenance at all.


Where can you use them?

In your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and not just your home, these 3D panels can even be used in your office to brighten it up. While you can choose from the more adventurous varieties do up your home, there are also panels in subtle 3D color variations that would work perfectly for a formal space.


What are the types of 3D wall panels that are available in the market?

  • 3D PVC Panel – Considered one of the hottest trends in the current market, 3D PVC wall panels are the ones you should opt for if you want to play around with its 3D effect but go easy on the colors and the graphics. It is repeated flowing patterns add a peaceful, undulating feel to the room’s decor.
  • A concrete collection of stone replica surfaces – These panels form a naturally textured surface with stone and rock formations. As they are moulded from real rock work formations, they look natural and give a realistic appeal to the room
  • Going green – The idea behind the green collection is to depict sustainability. These 3D panels are installed after gauging the daylight, ventilation, sight views and green spaces to create a natural looking green environment. You have swaths of green bunches sweeping through along with different types of ferns, ivies, grasses, sometimes in different colors to add that extra bit of zing to your green space.
  • Translucent stone panels – Hardy, durable and aesthetically beautiful, these stone panels, when put up, give an ethereal look to your walls. With a combination of subtle and dramatic color variations, these stone panels can add a characteristic yet glamor to your room.

This is not an exhaustive list of the varieties of 3D panels available but once you decide that these panels are what your space needs, then sky is the limit. Well, almost.