What we love about this generation of parents is that so many of them like to cook and bake from scratch. What about home preserving? Canning fruits and vegetables, making jams and teaching our children about the value of a home cooked meal is essential to good nutrition and diet. That’s why we had to get our hands on Best of Bridge: Home Preserving.


Are we in love with the idea of canning fresh fruits and vegetables? Yes! Have we ever done it before? Not yet! That’s why this book was so important to the canning enthusiast. So thebabyspot.ca decided to learn how to preserve through this book and we put our skills (or lack their of) to the test.

The book is kind to people who have never preserved food like us, their is a hefty chapter dedicated to the basics, everything we needed to know. From equipment to preparing a canner, it was a good teacher for the world of jellys, jams, canning and the like.  The next section of the book was the yummiest, the recipes. Chutneys, jams, marmalades, fruit butters, pickles and more are the next section of the book and the results were yummy. You can definitely bring children into your kitchen to help you with the preparation. It will be a great learning experience for them! We particularly loved the relishes!


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