Homemade Cleaners -Quck and Easy, Toxic Free Recipes

Written By: Mandy O’Brien and Donna Ford

It has crossed many parent’s minds that their cleaners are too harsh for their children. If you have a child under five, most certainly they are putting things in their mouth, running across your floors, touching your mirrors and walls. The cleaners that we use will end up on your child’s hands and possibly ingested. Many people are seeking alternative options to cleaning products. They want a product that will clean a mess and effectively kill germs but not harm their child.  Mandy O’Brien and and Donna Ford have authored Homemade Cleaners, a book filled with over 150 easy toxic free recipes.


Mandy is a biologist and now a stay at home mom. She has her degree in environmental studies and graduate studies in Ecology.  After co creating this book with lawyer Donna Ford, its no surprise this book is a must have on many parents shelves!

We were surprised how detailed this little book is! It has a whole gardening section and answers questions like how to get rid of those pesky weeds to composting. It gives tips on how to reduce plastic consumption and having natural healthy yards. Of course, their are plenty of home recipes to make your cleaners! Our favourite was the fabric softener recipe!

We also liked how the book gives an outline of all of the natural products you can use to effectively clean your house. Some are well known, others are not. We learned a lot reading about Homemade Cleaners and we believe that any family that wants to be green should have this book ready to be read and read again. It is a wealth of information and you can rest assured your children can slide, run, fall and roll around on your floors safely.


From treating wood surfaces to repelling fleas,