Hope Is A Rainbow -What is it that you hope for? What is it that you dream? These and many other beautiful affirmations are celebrated by your whole family when you read Hope Is A Rainbow. This lyrical message is going to inspire your children and your whole family. New York Times Best Selling Author Hoda Kotb has your whole family singing and bringing positive affirmations to your little ones.

hoda kotb book

What’s It About

This beautiful book illustrates everyday thoughts and situations that your children will find themselves in. From wanting to get taller to personal creations, your children are little geniuses looking to be inspired! This book is full of positive affirmations. Your child can be anything they want. Their aspirations can become realities today, tomorrow or someday.Hoda makes sure your children enjoy the process of learning. Illustrator Chole Dominique draws pictures that you can almost insert yourself into the story and see for yourself. Each page is something we have all experienced and can relate to. Children will want to read this book over and over again.Parents will enjoy the messaging. Hoda’s positive energy and love radiates through out this book.

hope is a rainbow

Give your children positivity, excitement and confidence with life. Hope Is A Rainbow is a great book for your personal library. Your children will remember the positive thoughts and feelings of this book and it will reflect the rest of their day or their sleep. We need more happiness and joy in our day to day lives!

Extra Credit

Have your children write down a situation or a scenario that happens in their lives and write a lyric to the picture. This will help your child with their creativity skills and try their hand at writing an drawing. It will be fun to see what they come up with and could become a keepsake for your family.