We want our children to watch safe programming that is fun and exciting but also has a good premise of morals and values. It doesn’t sound like too much to ask but so many parents are struggling to find this type of programming for their children. Programming is either informative and rather boring or riddled with mature themes or senseless story lines. Where is the programming for families who want more for their children’s programming? The answer comes in a fabulous app.

Hopster is an app that delights parents with its safe programming but also intrigues children with its fun and innovative shows. After testing Hopster ourselves, we have a lot to say and we know that you are going to love this app as much as we do.

We could not believe the details that Hopster app had for children! Ideal for children under six, Hopster is a free download at the Apple store. This preschool learning and entertainment app makes children feel independent to watch television and play games and feel safe online.

Is it too much for a parent to ask for no advertising during or after a child’s show or game? It is for most apps but not Hopster! Parents can relax in knowing that their children will not have to worry about what ads will pop up before, during or after their children’s game or show. Hopster is ad free so your children can sit back and enjoy what they are doing on Hopster and parents can breathe a sigh of relief! No more worries about adult ads on children’s shows and games!

Hopster has now released anew update to its creative tools and we are excited as it is packed with brand new features for the Hopster audience!

The Super Create tool brings out the creative artist in your child! Little ones can now customize their own photos, experiment with cool textures and colors and even put animations on their creations! We were especially excited about the Photo Booth Tool. The Photo Booth Tool is another cool tool that lets children take pictures of themselves or their friends and then they can see them blast off into space or turn their best friend into a dinosaur! Nothing says “friendship” like taking your friends out of this world!

Their pictures can be changed with the magic wand and by tilting a tablet or phone, you can choose how you want to see your picture grow or change. Children will have endless fun with Hopster!

Simply click the bin icon to say goodbye to that dinosaur picture and make an astronaut picture instead. It is easy to delete unwanted work. Your child’s finished drawing will be on a “washing line” on the home screen. How cool is that! You can always rely on Hopster to go above and beyond with the little but important details to keep your child interested.

Share our little one’s Super Creation by simply using the hashtag #HopsterCreate.

We are especially excited about this new game for kids. There is this new especially themed area for kids to find their favorite art and craft shows all in one place. It’s time to unleash your child’s inner artist! Children can choose between shows and get a step by step drawing guide! Now your children can re-create their favorite characters! (Our favorite is Louie. If you haven’t see it, you have to!)

Your children will be able to be creative, expand on their fine motor skills and dive into the life of a modern artist. They will also gain sensory skills which is perfect for a preschooler age. Most of all, like everything else on Hopster, it is a safe place for your children to learn and have fun.

Parents will love the skills their children will learn. There is fine motor skills, creativity skills and they will learn to make independent decisions. Children will love how easy it is to use Hopster and how much fun it is to explore this app. It’s no wonder why Hopster is an award winning app!

So join over a million children in over 36 countries and get the Hopster app now and start a world of learning, creativity and most of all FUN for your children!