As a parent trying to get your children into the Halloween spirit, it can be hard finding program that is both spooky but not too spooky for young children. You want them to enjoy the season but so many shows and movies have a mature, spooky movie theme. Where can families watch programming and more without worrying about the scare factor?

It’s almost Halloween and Hopster has you covered for spooky and fun preschool episodes! Your children can be delighted by (our personal favorite) Max and Ruby, Franny’s Feet and more.

Who is Hopster.TV? It is your ally, confidant and best friend! You no longer have to worry what kind of programming your children are watching with Hopster. This family friendly app is fun, educational and safe for your children. They will learn while they are having fun! What can be better than that?

They also have you covered this Halloween. You can always rely on Hopster to have new content added regularly and the holidays are no exception.

We got to test Hopster’s app and had a blast! We had access to thousands, yes thousands of preschool episodes, songs and educational games all on the device.

Our little one is OBSESSED with Max and Ruby. That is okay with us! Ruby teaches acceptance and understanding to older children about younger siblings and little Max is just plain fun to watch. We got to see Max and Ruby’s Halloween episode. If you have not seen it yet, it’s a great way to introduce your children to the fun preparations of Halloween.

Don’t forget about one of our new favorites thanks to Hopster, Franny’s Feet, where we got to hang out with Franny and her friends at a costume party.

Our little four year old got to learn how to draw a bat and a witch (she already surpassed our drawing skills or lack thereof) thanks to Learn How to Draw Minis.

What we love is the songs! We got to meet some friendly ghouls and ghosts and sang our hearts out! It really gets you into the Halloween Spirit.

This app is only $6.99 a month. It means safe programming that you don’t have to worry about for a low cost. Hopster also adds new and exciting content regularly so your child will always have something new to watch. Remember, there are thousands of episodes.

We love that our four year old gained a skill set without even knowing it. She was recognizing and matching shapes, singing songs and seeing her favorite characters all on one safe app.

Check below for some of the featured episodes so you can watch them all and really get into the Halloween spirit!!

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Featured episodes:

Moshi Monsters

Franny’s Feet – Halloween Harvest S03E26

Max and Ruby – Max’s Halloween/Ruby’s Leaf Collection/The Blue Tarantula

Learn to Draw Minis – Bat

Hilltop Hospital – The Ghost of Hilltop

Louie – Draw me a Ghost

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast – Three little ghosts

Louie – Draw Me a Witch

64 Zoo Lane – The Story of The Monster in the Forest

Super Simple Songs – Halloween

Two Minute Tales – The Nice Old Witch

  • Monster Match game