Hospital Bag Checklist during COVID

It’s no secret that CVOID 19 has changed the rules and procedures for all hospitals. Each hospital differs in rules and regulations. When having a baby, this is supposed to be and exciting time, but things are handled differently. Here ideas for a hospital bag checklist during covid.

Going to the hospital giving birth to your child has changed so much in such a short period of time. For some parts of the world, Mom goes in alone, in others, they are allowed one birth partner. Masks are required throughout the whole process and cleaning and sanitizing standards have been changed to lower any chance of the virus.

Having a hospital bag checklist is great to keep organized. Moms to be can pack ahead of time and have it ready to go when it is time to go to the hospital. With Covid-19, there have to be some adjustments to hospital bag checklists so parents are organized but still adhering to the new rules of the hospital.

Since you cannot use traditional a hospital bag checklist, we have a hospital bag checklist during covid that will help you bring the items that will help you during this exciting but unique time. We also have a Hospital Bag Checklist during Covid PDF that you can easily download.

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag For Labor during Covid-19

During normal times, your hospital bag checklist would look very different than they do today. Not to worry, we have you covered!

Car Seat

Your little bundle of joy needs to make it home safely! Be sure to bring a car seat to your labor and delivery. A safe and new car seat is perfect for your little one to get home!


You are going to want to pack a few masks for your labor and delivery. If a support person is allowed in the room with you, you will want to pack masks for them as well. Why we want you to pack more than one mask is because you may spend more than one day in the hospital. We want you to be comfortable and have a number of clean masks for your birth and your stay at the hospital.

Cell Phone

Don’t forget your phone! Yes, phones are usually attached to our hip, but remember that when the baby is coming, sometimes we forget! Having your phone ready to take pictures and videos of the birth and your new baby is essential.

Cell Phone Chargers

We don’t know if we can plug in our phone or not. Will an outlet be available?  We can never be sure. Bringing a cell phone charger can promise you a charge. You won’t miss those very special events during the labor and delivery and those first previous hours with your baby.

Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands clean during labor and delivery. You will be touching surfaces and moving to and from the bathroom and being moved from your room, to delivery room to another room. Bring hand sanitizer for you and your birth partner to keep clean and sanitized during your hospital stay.

Hospital Checklist for Mom during COVID 19

Breast Pads-

Having breast pads is great. Your milk will eventually come in and Moms breasts will be engorged. Breast milk can leak and a breast pad can absorb that milk.

Nursing Bra-

Nursing Bras are comfortable and ready to help you feed your aby if you choose breastfeeding.

A Great Book

Bring a new book that is an easy digestible read for your labor and delivery. Sometimes it’s just nice to relax and read a new book.


Play games, watch movies and relax if you’re feeling comfortable. Don’t forget your charger!


Keep your feet clean and warm by bringing a pair of slippers so you can walk around your hospital bedroom.

Shower Flip Flops

Hospitals are clean but after you give birth you may want a shower. Bringing shower flip flops will help you have traction on the hospital shower floor. Sometimes chairs are provided but it would be great to protect your feet while you are staying clean.

A Hair Tie

Keep your hair out of your face during labor with a trusty and reliable hair tie. Get something that holds your hair back but that does not pull your hair so hard that it could possibly give you a headache or a migraine after a few hours. Labor can unfortunately last for hours so we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Nightgown For Birth

The hospital provides a basic gown with an open back for birth. However, if you want to keep warm and comfortable, you can bring your own birthing gown. Make sure that the gown is big and comfortable. If you choose to breastfeed, you want a gown that can button down. If you choose to do “skin to skin” with your baby, this is a great way for baby and Mom to stay warm while providing skin to skin contact.


Remember to bring some of the essential toiletries so you can feel nice and clean during your labor and your stay. This can include:

Pads – For after birth

Lotion- Sometimes hospitals are very dry, bring some lotion to keep moisturized

Lip Balm- This is perfect for keeping your lips in great shape. Hospitals can be so dry and you could use a moisturizing lip balm.





Granny Panties underwear-

(three pairs) Granny panties are ugly but they are so comfortable, especially after birth. Bring pairs of granny panties because when you have given birth, you will have a lot of bleeding.  With a pad, granny panties can keep you comfy and staying clean after birth.

A comfortable Second Outfit-

It’s time to leave the hospital but you need a comfortable outfit that is breathable but will keep you warm when you are ready to leave. If it is winter, wear a comfortable hoody and pants that have an elastic (elastics are our friend!) if it is summer, wear a breathable tee shirt and pants if you can. It’s about keeping a good body temperature.


Comfortable Pajamas

Treat yourself to a new pair of pajamas that are comfortable, adjustable and have buttons. Buttons are great for breastfeeding a baby if you choose or can breastfeed. You want pajamas that you can swim in, be comfortable in and be able to just feel warm. After birth, you can feel could very easily, you will be bleeding and may feel anything from discomfort to pain. It is time for you to get comfy and treat yourself!

Pillows for you and your birth partner

Remember that you and your birth partner are staying overnight for at least one night in the hospital. Bring something from home and bring two pillows for you and your birth partner. Make sure to bring a pillow slip for each pillow so when you come back you can simply wash the pillow slip.

Insurance Information

Remember to bring your insurance information for the birth. What do you have covered and what do you need to cover. Having this information available and ready makes the birth process so much less stressful.

Debit or Credit Card

Just in case you want to pick up some food or snacks or gifts for the baby, bring a no touch or a tap debit, credit card or have an app on your phone available. Though cash is legal tender, make it easier on yourself by making as little contact as possible when buying food at the hospital.

Covid 19 List for Birth Partners

 A List of who to text-

Talk to your Mom to be and get that list of people who want to be kept in the loop for labor and delivery of the baby. Though they may not be able to visit, starting a WhatsApp group or a group text can be enough to keep everyone informed during the birth. Remember to collect the phone numbers of some of your older close family and friends who many not be as technologically savvy but are just as excited to learn the latest about the baby.

Mom may want to join in on informing people from the beginning but as labor progresses, she will have to focus on the birthing process.

Snacks for You and Mom

Bring some healthy snacks that can be sealed in packages for you and Mom. From nuts to granolas, these snacks are great, especially after baby is born and you may be too tired to go down to the hospital cafeteria.

A light blanket for yourself

some hospitals provide sleeping arrangements for birth partners and some do not. Make sure to bring a light blanket so you can get somewhat of a sleep if there is not a sleeping arrangement provided by the hospital. A few hours of rest can make a huge difference, especially with a new baby coming home. It is good to relive Mom as much as you can to let her begin her recovery from birth.

A Loose Tee Shirt

This is great for night time so you can get some rest and also it is great to have a very loose and big tee shirt to do skin to skin contact with baby. Birth partners are welcome to bond with baby and the best way in the first 24 hours is skin to skin contact. A light and loose tee shirt will keep you both nice and warm.

Receiving Blankets

Your hospital may provide you with some, but you can bring receiving blankets to swaddle your baby. Your nurse will give you some expert advice on how to swaddle your little one safely and snuggly.

Newborn Diapers

Many hospitals will give you diapers for your baby but just in case, bringing your own diapers will help. Your baby will have a few pees and one poo on the first day but this will substantially increase in the next 48 hours. The longer you stay in the hospital, the more diapers your newborn will go through!

Try to carry the:

-insurance information

-extra masks


-pillows for both of you

– You control the updates.

-Glasses – if you and your partner wear them.

-Contacts- if you and your partner wear them.


What NOT To Pack in the Hospital Bag For Labor during Covid-19


You want to stay safe during COVID 19, but bringing gloves will not help you stop the spread. You are touching a number of surfaces during the course of your labor and you may also touch your face. It is easier to have your hands free and wash them frequently rather than wear gloves that can be become contaminated. If the hospital wants you to wear gloves, they will bring them for you.

Too Many Clothes

Remember you plan on spending a short period of time at the hospital. You do not have to worry about many different outfits, multiple pairs of shoes and more. If you can, fit both you and your birth partner’s items and toiletries in one luggage bag. That way, when you have to leave it is quick and easy and when you arrive back home, you can easily put everything right into the wash.

Step By Step Birth Plan

We are always iffy about birth plans. We can have basic wants but baby makes sure that a birth is never predictable. During times of COVID, things are even more unpredictable. Your desirable water birth may not be allowed depending on the hospital and where your general area is in regards to recovering from COVID 19. Expect the unexpected, but know when you are in the hospital that you are in good professional hands every step of the way.

Hospital Bag Covid Checklist

Covid 19 has changed the way hospitals are functioning and the protocols that they have. Though hospital covid 19 maternity wards vary from area to area, there are some changes that are constant across the globe. Staying safe will be the top priority of hospitals but you still deserve an exciting new experience and to enjoy the birth of your new baby!