You are pregnant or a nursing Mom and you are so important. You are nurturing your unborn baby or if you have chosen to breast feed, you are nursing your little one. Let’s be truthful, though it is so special to be pregnant and to take care of a little baby, sometimes we feel sad about the change in our bodies and how we look. We are so happy that companies like Hotmilk Maternity and Nursing exist to put the spring back in our steps!

Whether you are a fashionista, looking to get your sexy back or just to feel beautiful, Hotmilk has revolutionized the nursing lingerie market. These trend setters offer a premium product at accessible prices and their philosophy is simple, celebrate and empower women via a fresh creative approach.

Created for Mothers by Mothers, Hotmilk’s goal is to create a sophisticated nursing lingerie brand to empower you, to make you love your beautiful curves and feel sexy!

From Hollywood Celebrities to international fashion magazines, this brand beats them all. Not only are they catering to Mothers but they are giving back! Hotmilk works with a number of charities always thriving to better the lives of women and children around the world.

As a pregnant Mom to be, I was lucky enough to get the Show off ‘Navy Bra.’ It was extremely sexy and comfortable. The bra is BEAUTIFUL and makes me feel beautiful. I don’t feel like a non-entity like I do in these awful maternity bras that exist. I feel like myself, but a better self, a pregnant self. I love the bra makes me feel, as my breasts have gone up a few sizes, it is comfortable but not constricted. I am so thankful for this bra and will probably order more. Is it wrong to buy these bras after you are finished nursing?

Of course it isn’t! Why stay uncomfortable in competitive bras when Hotmilk understands a women’s changing body? Another thing that I love is the website. It is elegant, chic and the models actually have pregnant bodies! I dislike ads where the model is clearly not pregnant, but modeling pregnant clothes. This site is authentic! It knows its audience and embraces them.

I hope that every Mother visits Hotmilk and purchases themselves a beautiful set or two (or five). You will be more than impressed with the products they offer and know that these are Mothers who support you, support yourself.