How buying an expensive stroller saved me money

When my husband and I were expecting our first baby, it was the most exciting, sought-after event in my family. We wanted the very best of the best for our newborn, all while trying to stick toa budget. Although, we did splurge on a few essentials, it turned out to be a good call. After 3 kids and 10 years, the few hundred dollars we shelled out for this one stroller has paid for itself 3 times over. A very close cousin of mine decided to save money and go with a much less expensive stroller, and ended up borrowing ours for a couple of vacations soon after hers was no longer safe for her baby. The benefits of having a more expensive stroller far outweigh the price and add a little more convenience to your life.

It’s the Little Things

Have you ever tried to push a baby in an umbrella stroller through fresh cut grass or over gravel? I have and it wasn’t so easy for me or fun for my baby.  How about trying to maneuver a big bulky stroller through public transportation with the baby and other bags?

Expensive strollers usually come with features that allow you to squeeze in tighter places, or with one-button/one-hand release switches. These are the little things that make life with baby a little less complicated.

Features that I enjoy are the deep pocket cup holder and a roomy under carriage basket.(Preferably one that doesn’t allow my things to spill out on the other side.) I especially love the fact that our stroller grew with our children.

When my son was a newborn, it was convenient to be able to lock his car seat into the stroller without disturbing him. then convert it so that he can sit upright when he got older while his little sister was latched safely on top in her car seat. Some other cool features that come with theprice tag may include:

  • Enhanced suspension system
  • Single front wheel for easier maneuverability
  • Add-on accessories like toys and snack trays
  • Additional add-on seating for extra children
  • And reclining or padded seats

Easy Cruisin’

Typically, more expensive strollers have better functionality. Ask just about any mom and she will tell you that functionality should be considered when purchasing your baby stroller. You want the stroller to go where you push it. Less expensive models don’t maneuver as well around corners, which could be a hassle.

Better functionality means convenience. Many jogging style strollers come equipped with air-filled wheels that move significantly better over uneven surfaces for a smoother ride for baby. With more expensive strollers you can usually steer, open, and fold them down with one hand. Trust me, you will need as many hands as you can get with a newborn.

When It’s All Said and Done

My husband and I spent about $300 for our baby stroller.  After it had been with our family for 10 years, we finally parted our ways with it at a yard sale for $100, including the connecting car seat. Husband and I agreed that we got more than our money’s worth when we didn’t spare expenses on certain necessities, and that stroller is one of our top ten best deals.

More expensive strollers are made with better quality so they are more durable. It’s kind of like a car, some types will only last as long as you need them while the more expensive ones will last for generations longer and through multiple owners.

Ultimately, I have no regrets having spent what some new parents would feel is a ridiculous amount on baby gear.  This stroller stayed with my family throughout our entire baby phase. It has survived 2 Disney trips, 5 exercise with your baby plans, at least a dozen annual trips to Grandma’s in Galveston, and countless days at the park and nights out with the kids. It had proved to be strong through some tough situations and always bounced right back after some sticky ones. That stroller was worth every penny!

Sophia Nguyen is the founder of “Healthy Baby Happy Earth” website. She is a blogger, and she loves writing about babies and helping the parents by providing only the most useful information.  Follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram