If you are a parent and are worried about your lad making it to his classes when he is in a dorm, you might not be alone. Most of the mothers tend to think about how their children will get organized and how they will manage their time. When the kids are at home moms, have the chance to keep them reminding of what is coming next and ask them to do things on time. Also, there are times when you might do a few chores yourself for your kids. However, growing up, things will change and here are a few tips that will help in saving time for your children.

Early to bed and early to rise 

Well, this is not exactly a time-saving tip but a valuable one. There are individuals that will sleep late at night, and they find it tough to get up in the morning. Also, when they are up late, the day is already cut short for them which creates a sense that they have just a little time to complete several tasks. However, getting up early will help your kids in knowing that there is a decent amount of time at their disposal and they can manage the tasks accordingly. Also, habits developed at an early age are likely to be carried by the kid for the rest of the life.


Encourage the multi-tasking in your kids as much as possible. Make them read a book while they are in a subway or ask them to write as they stand next to washing machine and wait for their clothes to come out. Saying it all, the notable part of it is that what you know as multi-tasking is actually task switching and awareness about multiple things at a time. Encourage it as much as possible because they will be in need of it while at the dorm.

Gift them a few good machines

Thanks to the advanced technology and modern machines we can save a lot of time on several things. For instance, the Nespresso coffee makers are a great choice for individuals that have a morning coffee, you can find a few of them here. Especially, if your kid wakes up moments before his first class, he is going to need more gadgets like this. Just a button press as he is on the way to the washroom in the morning and the coffee will be ready as he comes back. Moreover, there are washing machines, cooking products, and other similar stuff available which can help in speeding up his tasks and saving time.

Allow them to manage it

If you worry too much about your kids and think about how they are going to manage the time we suggest you stay calm. As your kid is growing up, make him manage his things. Let him do his job. He might be late once or twice, but as the sense of responsibility will enlighten his mind, he won’t be late next time. It is the best thing, the sense of responsibility in a kid, which can help him in doing everything and anything and that too in a timely fashion.