Baby Expert And Founder Of The Ollie Swaddle Hindi Zeidman
Discusses The Meanings Of Colors And The Effect They Can Have On Your Baby

When planning colors for your nursery, you’re probably more inclined to choose ones that you like. But, will the colors you like have an affect on your baby? Hindi Zeidman, baby expert and founder of The Ollie Swaddle, discusses below the meanings of colors and the affect they can have on your little one.

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The Impact of Colors on Development

By Hindi Zeidman

As we are expecting a little one, we often base our color choices on what we like or what we think looks cute. However, each color has different effects on our emotions, making it important to consider the influences of each color.

Color Families: Warm, Cool, and Neutral
Warm tones stimulate the mind and energize the body. They can make larger spaces feel cozy and welcoming. However, cozy doesn’t always translate to relaxing and so warm tones aren’t great for bedtime – especially if your little one is already energetic.

Compared to warm colors, cool tones tend to offer a more calming effect. They make rooms feel spacious and relaxing. With this in mind, darker shades should be used sparingly to avoid creating a gloomy atmosphere.

Neutral colors typically fall into either warm or cool tones, but since they are more subtle than red or blue they are considered neutral. While they take on the attributes of their warm and cool family, they are easier to match with a variety of colors.

The Meanings of Warm Colors
Red is a very bold color that is associated with aggression and inability to focus. Red is recommended for use sparingly. When utilized as an accent color, red can have positive, invigorating effects.

Yellow is a happy, energetic color that can make a room a sunny and bright. Associated with happiness, lighter yellows can aid in concentration while brighter shades can stimulate the memory.

Orange is welcoming, often puts people at ease and is considered a social color. Like its parent colors, too much orange can be overwhelming and should be used sparingly to maximize the positive properties.

The Meanings of Cool Colors
Blue has a calming effect, associated with decreasing anxiety and aggression. Since blue often reminds people of water, it can emulate a cool environment in a hot or humid setting.

Green is most closely associated health because of its relation to nature. As a soothing color, it can help increase one’s ability to concentrate.

Purple combines the solidity of blue and the vitality of red. It can take on the values of either color depending on the shade.

The Meanings of Cool Colors
Gray is often thought to be a gloomy color, but it can also evoke other, positive emotions. The right shades of gray can be calming and inspirational. It should be used in combination with warm, bright colors to avoid a somber tone.

Black is powerful and easily overwhelming color – but like its light shade of gray, it doesn’t have to be adverse. Black is an excellent accent color and goes well in a room with lots of natural light.

White is a pure and clean color. It can help to place the spotlight on brighter colors and play up their meanings.

Choosing a Nursery Color Scheme
If you’re choosing bold, bright colors, try to pair them with white or lighter shades. You don’t want to over-stimulate your little one, and yet you want the space to be fun and enjoyable. You’ll find a balance in the colors and shades that you use.

While it can be overwhelming to try and make the “perfect” decision for your little one, our best advice is to keep it simple. Stay true to yourself, consider your family dynamic and take time to think of the kind of environment you desire for your little one.

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