Pregnancy is a special moment for almost all women. Sure, preparing all things well is needed so that both mom and baby are always healthy and of course happy. Undeniably, there are so many pressures during this period.

Despite the body’s condition that feels not so good, the challenges are also coming from people around who always ask or prohibit you to do this and that. For this matter, all you need to have is the real assistance from the most trusted one. It can be from obstetricians and other experts. If you want to find more information on the internet, make sure that it is from the reputable blogs.

So, what are the best blogs recommended for you to read during pregnancy? We’ve hand-selected some of our favorites, while also using this list of top pregnancy blogs for inspiration. Be sure to visit each of the sites below and let us know which you like best.

Pregnancy Magazine

Pregnancy Magazine is indeed the online form of a woman magazine with the same name. Based on that fact, it is undeniable that this blog is very popular and often used as references by many pregnant women. Not only dealing with pregnancy, this blog also gives you many important information and tips for taking care of the baby. More than that, there is news related to pregnancy and baby all around the world. Interestingly, the content here is proven to be valid and helpful for many moms to pass through their pregnancy and motherhood.

Pregnancy After Loss

It is so sad to see the fact that many women in this world have to experience the loss of their baby. Well, this blog is established by a support community namely PALs. The community is expected to help many other women to recover from the painful loss and help them to find their confidence. Besides, the blog also talks how about dealing with the pregnancy after a loss as well as much general information about pregnancy and baby.

With this being such a horrible and life-changing experience to go through, there are plenty of blogs, forums, and social groups to help those in need. One of the most popular ones out there can be found at

Fit to be Pregnant


Do you have a plan for pregnancy in the near future? It is so good if you subscribe this blog at first. Here, you can find so much information about preparation before you are positively pregnant. Besides, of course, general pregnancy and the postpartum information is also presented here. There are numerous tips, tricks, and suggestions for you who want to do exercises before, during, and after pregnancy. Yes, you should know also that some exercises are whether recommended or not for you who want to have a baby.

The Pulse by Pregistry

The health must be kept well during pregnancy. It is, of course, something undeniable. But then, how can you keep your health at that time? Many of your questions can just be answered by reading the articles in The Pulse by Pregistry. The blog along with the supporting startup was established by them who care for the pregnant women’s health. More than just tips and tricks, the information tends to be more substantial since all of them are based on valid and careful research. Of course, all of the research shared here is done by the experts.

As you can see, there are plenty of websites and blogs on the internet in relation to mothers and pregnancy. Since everyone has a different life, pregnancy path, and story, it’s great to see so many people bringing their experiences to live through the world of blogging.