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We got the inside scoop from Snuza Pico, a portable baby monitor that hooks on to your infant’s diaper and monitors your child for baby movement. It is putting so many parents at ease! Read on to find out why.


How does the device hook on to an infant’s diaper?

Pico clips to baby’s diaper with a mechanical clamp to prevent it from slipping off.


How does Snuza detect a lack of movement from the baby?

The revolutionary new Snuza Pico monitors abdominal movement by using a patented contactless sensor array which detects deflections of baby’s abdomen. This means that Pico does not need to be in direct contact with baby’s skin and reduces the false alarms caused by loss of contact.

With Snuza’s leading-edge technology, the portable Pico can be used with a smartphone! Parents can now optionally connect via Bluetooth LE to a smartphone app which allows them to monitor and control Pico remotely (within a 20 to 30 meter indoor range). The smartphone display shows baby’s abdominal movement, skin temperature, sleeping position and whether there is any potential risk. The Pico unit can be accessed by multiple smartphones so that parents and/or caregivers can monitor multiple Pico units from one or more smartphones.


Pico has a temperature sensor which monitors temperature of the skin without having to be in direct contact with baby. It also has a roll sensor which determines baby’s sleeping position (side, face-down, face-up).



How is this going to bring parents peace of mind?

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Parent experience the most anxiety when their new born comes home for the first time.  You’re up every 10 to 15 minutes during the night, checking on your baby to see if there is movement.  Snuza’s innovative baby movement monitors gives you the support when you need it most.  Snuza is a leading manufacturer of portable baby movement monitors that ensures peace of mind for tired, anxious parents.


Tell us where this product is available globally.


The product is available at some major retailers, specialty stores and online.  To find points of sale, you can visit our website http://us.snuza.com/buy-snuza/



Points of interest

  • Portable and Cordless Peace of Mind
  • Vibrate function – to activate abdominal movement
  • Alarms after 20 seconds when abdominal movement stops
  • Smartphone enabled via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Rechargeable – hold charge for up to 1 week
  • Contactless sensor reduces false alarms
  • Position orientation – to show baby’s position
  • Skin temperature sensor
  • Displays abdominal movement rate
  • User configurable settings
  • Sends Daily Reports
  • History of events available
  • Friend and Family Notifications
  • Free software upgrade