Technology is keeping parents more organized

New technology adds quality to our lives in so many different ways, including how we take care of our babies. For parents these days, there are so many new ways technology is helping us keep our babies safe that the previous generation couldn’t even have imagined. Here are some of the amazing ways tech is changing childcare.


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There are so many new apps people can get on their phones that allow them to keep tabs on their baby. Some apps keep track of feeding schedules, diaper changing times, sleep schedules, the growth of the baby, etc. Others offer guides with information specific to the age of your baby that allows you to keep up on everything you should know about each specific stage your baby goes through. Some even give medical advice from real doctors! There are so many ways to keep up with your baby’s health and safety on your phone.

Baby Cameras

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Baby monitors have been part of the lives of most parents for many years, but they have had some serious upgrades. Now you can use a baby camera that allows you to not only listen to your baby but see it while it sleeps. Now you don’t have to check on your baby every time you hear a peep, you turn on the mobile monitor and see if your baby needs you. This is especially useful for people who live in big houses, as they may not always be close enough to the baby’s room to hear every noise or check on the baby as often.

Smart Socks

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Another way that modern technology is helping parents keep their babies safe is with smart sock monitors. Smart socks are soft, little “sock-like” items that you put on your baby’s foot while it sleeps. The sock monitors a few important things, like heart rate and oxygen levels. The connecting app then notifies you if your baby ventures out of the norm. Parents report that they feel less anxiety and stress, resulting in better sleep for them.


New technology has made parenting more informed and much safer. It takes away some of the inevitable stress that goes along with having kids. Giving a few of these new technologies a try is a great way to increase the safety of your child and give you peace of mind.