Have you noticed that your child or children and their friends have low self esteem? They must deal with fitting in which can be a struggle. Many children suffer because they have their own likes, opinions and individuality separate from what the cool kids are doing and therefore are teased because of it. Authors Fran Traill Nicolina Bernabei-Myszka (a primary school teacher) and Russell Aitken ( a facilitator for Bob Proctor’s ‘You Were Born Rich”) have come up with a great solution.

the power of me

The Power of Me is here to help your children embrace their individuality and encourage your children to stop bullying and become an advocate for their own uniqueness.

Our favorite part of this book was the Law Polarity (Opposites) where it teaches your child to reprogram their internal dialogue. It’s time to teach your children to see life more positively!

This easy to use workbook is a powerful program for young people to recognize their individuality, their true potential and to begin to follow their own path, instead of someone elses.

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