I’m for sure a busy mama-to-be who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time and/or money on creating a pregnancy wardrobe to end all wardrobes. Does that describe you, too!?


One of the biggest struggles for me during pregnancy was figuring out what the heck to wear every day! How do I dress this ever-growing bump without spending a fortune on clothes I hope to never see again after this 2nd round is over? (Hello #birthcontrol!)

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Not to worry, we have put together the perfect easy pregnancy capsule wardrobe guide and Maternity Capsule Wardrobe Checklist just for you! Simple, easy, and budget friendly preggo style ideas that will get you through these 9 months looking ah-mahhhzing, mama…

How To Build An Easy Maternity Capsule Wardrobe During Pregnancy

The best maternity style tip I have is decide what your pregnancy uniform is going to be and layer from there. For me, it’s leggings and long tank tops, and then I add vests, sweaters, booties, and accessories that help change up the day to day look.

1.) Pregnancy Uniform: Leggings + Long Tank Tops

During my pregnancy, I found wearing form fitting clothes to be way more flattering than baggy shirts or dresses.

2.) Jeans

My favorite jeans to wear are skinny STRETCHY jeans. I like the silhouette they create with long shirts and booties.

3.) Dressy Going Out Pants – Like Leather!

These vegan “leather” leggings from Preggo Leggings are so fun. They add a special touch for those nights I’m forced lucky enough to get to go out to an event!

4.) Layer with Sweaters, Vests, Jackets

This is the budget-friendly part because you get to use what you already have in your closet – Non Maternity! Some of my favorite layering items:

  • Plaid button down shirt
  • Lace long vest
  • Denim button down shirt
  • Long trench coat vest
  • Long cardigan sweaters

4.) The Comfy Little Black Maternity Dress

I love this Maternity LBD because I am able to wear it from my 2nd trimester through to the end! Check out the first 2 photos below. Same dress from first trimester through third trimester.

5.) Baby Shower dress – and a dress you can also wear to any dressy daytime event

Find a dress or two that will get you through your baby shower and any other events that pop up during the year. Stretchy and comfortable are my criteria when it comes to maternity dresses. It’s absolutely no fun to be uncomfortable at any event when you’re pregnant. Comfort Is Key!

6.) Accessories

Now go accessorize that bump with floppy hats, messy side braids, skinny belts, long necklaces (which you need to wear now because you won’t be able to after this baby comes for about a year and a half!), booties, sunglasses…you get it!

7.) Workout and Yoga Attire

Pick up a couple pairs of cropped maternity leggings and a supportive tank top or two for your prenatal yoga classes.

8.) Pajamas + Maternity Bras

My favorite pjs to wear during pregnancy is a maternity night shirt. I add a pair of cropped leggings when I get up in the morning to stay warm and not scare any houseguests and/or toddlers away. Ha. And I bought a couple nursing bras at Target.

9.) Other Seasonal Items You May Need…

Depending on where you live and when you get pregnant, don’t forget you may need a few seasonal items: maternity swimsuit, shorts, maternity tights, or a winter coat!

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Download our FREE Maternity Capsule Wardrobe Checklist now at https://thedailysoulsessions.com/build-easy-maternity-capsule-wardrobe/

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