How to Choose a Baby Name

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now beings the important task of choosing a name for your baby. How to choose a baby name? There are a lot of important things to consider and it can be overwhelming.

When Should You Name Your Baby?

A lot of parents to be wonder when you should name your baby. There is never a more perfect time. Some parents have the name decided even before they have a baby. Many parents discuss and come up with a name while Mom is pregnant while others come up with a name the day their children are born or even a few weeks after the birth of their child!

What Happens If You Don’t Name Your Baby

The truth is… there is no right answer. The only thing you would have to worry about is making guidelines on submitting a birth certificate. Depending on where you live, changing a babies name after a month or so can be legally complicated and possibly expensive so make sure you’ve chosen a name that you love and that you are confident with.

If you do not come up with the right baby name immediately, do not stress it! We have seen many families name their children at nine months pregnant or even after their baby is born.

How to Choose a Baby Name – Expert Advice

Choosing a baby name does not have to be difficult if you follow these expert guidelines of our baby naming rules. How to pick baby names:

Family Traditions

Do you and your partner come from a family that passes down names from father to son and Mother to daughter? If so, you may want to honor a wonderful grandparent or an amazing sibling. Has someone that you loved passed on? You can possibly incorporate their name or a variation of that name to your baby to be. Choose a first or middle name if it makes it easier.

Honoring a family member can be the greatest gift that they have ever received. Make sure this is a family member that you love or loved dearly and keep the family tradition going!

Combining Names of Those You Love

Are there two special people that you have really cared for over the years? Combine their names into a first or middle name or take parts of their name to create a new name all together. For example, if you had two people who were very close to you named Arianna and Ella for your daughter than you can create a new name honoring them both.

Arianna + Ella = Ariella

Have fun and look at different combinations that not only honor the people you love but also make sense for you. You will be surprised what you come up with! You can do this with two or more people and have a great time inventing your own name while giving a nod to those you love most.

Check the Top Baby Names and Be Inspired

Are you looking for something that is popular, trendy and fun? Check out the top 20 baby names of the year to start to get inspiration on what you would like. Watch as the names rose to popularity and what makes them so popular. You can use these or variations of these names to inspire you.

Honor Your Culture- Choose a Name from Your Culture

We all come from different countries and even if we do not realize it, we have passed down sayings, recipes, stories and more from the countries that we have come from. Give a positive nod to your ancestry and choose a baby name from your culture. Whether you are looking for Irish baby names or names from all over the world, we have you covered. It is important to look at the meanings and origins of these names. You will probably fall in love with a name you would have never considered. You can also do a middle name of the culture of your partner. This says to the world, “my child is from two amazing different cultures” and you can create a beautiful exotic rare baby name.

Check out your family history on both sides. Do you find yourself inspired by a name or a variation of a name? You would be surprised what you find!

Baby Name Meanings – The Story behind a Name

A beautiful name is only half of it, the meaning behind a name is also the story. Baby name meanings are important! Whether your baby has a name that means “warrior” or “joy,” a baby name meaning could coincide with the way your family sees themselves and what you hope or wish for your baby.

Are you a family that wants strong baby names? Are you a couple who loves to garden and wants a plant baby name? There are names for all types of meanings.

Finally – Wear the Name for a While Before You Make a Decision

Take some time to wear your baby name for a while. Say it out loud or really “wear” the name for a week. Does it sound right as you say it out loud? This name will be something you will be using on a regular basis! It’s almost like giving the baby name a trial run! This process really helps parents who are struggling to pick a baby name.

Stay Away From What Is a Popular Name for Others

When you can’t decide on a baby name, never settle! Do not go for the current popular baby names for girls and boys just because it is easier. Choose a name that is right for you and be sure to take your time to wear the name for a while.

Think About the Nickname for Your Child

Are there some nicknames that you love? A nickname can be your child’s staple. It bonds friends and families. A nickname says that you are close with that person enough to call them a pet name. Are there any nick names that you love? It is possible think of your favorite nick names and find the full name behind them. This full name may be your perfect name.

However, you may like a name but the nickname may be awful. Some parents do not choose certain names because they can feel their child being teased by it. We are always big advocates to name a child what you like but we understand when others do not want their child to have a hard time.

What Names Can You Not Name Your Child?

This can be very complicated as there are no official rules on what you cannot name your child. Some countries have rules that you cannot name your child symbols or a combination of numbers and letters. Other rules in your area may be not to name your children after notorious terrorists or dictators (like Adolf Hitler). As crazy as this may seem to most, there have been some attempts over the years to do this.

Some families believe that cousins should not have the same names. Other social circles do not like when friends use the same names. Do you notice there are some spoken or unspoken rules about naming your child? There are many incidents of friends and family accusing each other of being baby name stealers. Despite the debates on who can name their baby what, the choice is ultimately up to you as the parent.

Baby Name Initials

For extra cuteness, do you like your baby’s initials? Does your child’s initials spell out a word? This acronym can help guide you to the right baby name. This can be a great way to learn how to pick baby boy names or how to pick baby girl names.

How To Pick Baby Names That Go Together

Sometimes, we have a middle name all figured out. We have chosen to honor a friend or family member or we just love a certain name as a middle name. Some middle names work better with first names than others. If you are struggling to pick a baby name, but you have a great middle name, think about syllables and what flows. Short and sweet first names sound great with long middle names. Sometimes having all longer names can drown out the name. It all depends on flow and your likes and dislikes. It helps to say the baby name out loud.

Can’t Decide on A Baby Name? Here is How You Choose a Baby Name

It is not that there is not enough information on how to find a baby name that suits your child, it is that there is too much information! Following these expert tips will help you make a decision that is your own as the parent. You will not be influenced by others. A name is your very first gift to your baby, so you want to make sure you love it, it is personal and it is something that will follow your child for the rest of their life!

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