The amount of options when it comes to for parents to choose the perfect baby carrier is huge. More so for inexperienced baby wearers and first-time mothers. Are there differences? Are there factors to consider? There are so many questions for such seemingly simple task. For that reason, we compile four primary considerations to help to choose the best carrier. Not only for you but also your little one.

Is your baby heavy?
Carriers that have the ability to accommodate more weight should be your priority. Mothers with heavier babies must focus on a carrier that evenly distributes baby’s weight. Not only that, they must also find a carrier that offers more support. Not sure which brand or style to purchase?

Infantino front carrier and Moby Wrap are two brands that many mothers with heavier babies find incredibly comfortable. But then again it all depends on your baby’s comfort and your personal preference. The front carrier is typically worn to carry a baby for a short period of time, whereas Moby Wrap is ideal for longer use.

If you can splurge for baby carriers, soft-structured carriers such as Baby Bjorn active carrier is the ultimate choice. Not only does this particular carrier comes with lumbar support, it also greatly reduces upper back strain. Another option is Ergo, with impressive support and strap padding, this baby carrier protects your back.

Do you have a particularly bad back?
Mothers with joint and back issues are usually torn about wanting to carry their baby and being unable to do so. Due to the extra weight and stress placed on the body, often these mothers rely on their strollers. Is there a baby carrier option for this condition? The answer is, yes. Soft-structured carriers are able to lend excellent support while minimizing stress on the wearer’s back

Other than soft-structured carriers, there is another type they may consider. Yes, mothers with this physical condition may opt for baby carriers that let them wear their baby high and close. By keeping the baby’s center of gravity above your own and as close to your body as possible, the carrier will be able to distribute the weight widely. Try to stay away from well-adjusted pouch or sling and focus on soft carriers with unstructured or wrap around style as they are more flexible.

Do you breastfeed hands-free?
Some mothers are more comfortable breastfeeding while they are wearing the baby. More so when they also have a young toddler to chase around and look after. Nursing while caring for your older child is not an easy task, and for that reason, many mothers need their hands-free. Are you in need of a reliable carrier that allows you to nurse and keep your hands free?

Depending on the size of your baby, wraps, slings, and ring are typically ideal for hands-free nursing. The Mei Tai that you can find on WalMart at 32-dollars is also a perfect choice. Babies are easily put into the baby carrier and mothers only have to adjust to secure them in it. If you are wearing a sling, it’s adjustable by pulling on the end of its fabric.

Yes, slings are considered as the most a perfect option in this situation. Not only does it offer you ease of use, they generally also last longer since they grow with the size of your baby. They are simple to use with virtually no learning curve whatsoever. On top of that, they also provide full coverage. This way, when you are in public where it’s frowned upon to nurse openly, you can easily hide your activity.

Do you plan to wear it for a long time?
Are you planning on carrying your baby for a long period of time? If the answer is yes, you may have to pay more attention to the quality of your carrier. Either you plan on carrying your baby for long sessions, or for a few years as your little one grows, nothing can beat premium quality carriers. Premium quality does not always mean expensive, however.

Ergo and BabyHawk Mei Tai are sold at about 90-dollars and 75-dollars respectively which recommend to be one of the best baby carriers. Although relatively on the pricey side, the lifespan and comfortability of these two brands are not to be questioned. Mothers find that they are still in an excellent condition even after four years of use! Looking for the more affordable option? The Mei Tai priced 32-dollars at WalMart is one of baby carrier options to consider.